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Andrew Breitbart is Dead

According to his website Andrew Breitbart is dead. Breitbart was in the midst of the Shirley Sherrod incident when he released a portion of a video that reflected a racist point of view. Sherrod was dismissed until the entire video was released that ultimately vindicated her. Breitbart was a staunch conservative who was also falsely accused by Anthony Weiner of hacking into his emails. Breitbart was a conservative who stayed true to his agenda.



Does Andrew Breitbart deserve an apology?

Was Andrew Breibart wronged by Congressman Weiner? Does he deserve a special apology? Was he wronged by the media? Is he simply misunderstood? He took over the Weiner press conference prior to the Congressional Confessional hour. Tell me what you think.

Shirley Sherrod files Defamation lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart

Seven months ago Shirley Sherrod lost her job when an incriminating video appeared on the website of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart. In the clip Sherrod was seemingly bragging on the fact that she showed racial preference to members of her own race. In the rush to judgment Sherrod was dismissed and as the facts unfolded she was fully vindicated. She was offered a new job which she declined and we had not heard from her until she filed a lawsuit against the one that started the chain of events: Breibart. Why did it take Sherrod 7 months to file? Breibart contends it is because he has been investigating a scandal in which Sherrod was allegedlly involved. Is the lawsuit justified or is it designed to intimidate Breibart? Tell me what you think.