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Is Anderson Cooper a talk show host or a journalist?

Yesterday I watched Anderson Cooper Live. Cooper is in his second season of hosting a daytime talk show. Prior to joining the daytime chatfest Cooper worked for CNN and CBS 60 Minutes. He still works for both news organizations. Cooper has covered and continues to cover hard news stories. He is a respected journalist. Earlier this year Cooper announced to the world that he is gay. This had been rumored for years, but Cooper affirmed it in a very quiet way. He did not hype it on his daytime show, but I remember after he affirmed it the announcement became a top topic for discussion on daytime television. Star Jones of NBC The Professionals said that the announcement was in fact a rating ploy designed to help the ratings for Cooper’s struggling show. Jones a veteran of daytime television made this assertion based on her years of being on daytime television. That was months ago, but yesterday Cooper decided to take on Jones. Andy Cohen, one of Cooper’s best friends was Cooper’s guest co host yesterday and they decided to take on Jones. Cooper took umbrage to Jones assertion that the announcement was a ratings ploy and he went on to throw a little shade on Jones. He talked about her pre-wedding hijinx when she was one of the co hosts of ABC The View. He mentioned the fact that she promoted items on the show so that she could receive free stuff for her wedding, and how she had gastric bypass and forced her fellow co hosts to lie about it. All of these things might be true about Jones, but why would Cooper decide to get involved in a daytime feud? This is the kind of back and forth that is a hallmark of daytime television, but is this the kind of back and forth that a journalist wants to engage in? Does it diminish Cooper’s status to get into a catfight with Jones? A journalist delivers the news to their audience whereas a talk show host tries to make the news. The question is can Cooper actually do both? Share your thoughts.