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American Idol judge Nicki Minaj feuds with ousted contestant…could this be one of the reasons ratings are slipping?

If you were a judge making millions of dollars on a major competition reality show would you engage in a Twitter war with a rejected contestant? Isn’t that shooting down? Nicki Minaj must not feel that way because she has been busy on Twitter. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Former American Idol contestants sue the show…poor losers or do they have a case?

A group of former American Idol contestants are suing the show claiming that the show is racist? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Jermaine Jones Deserved to be booted from American Idol, but not like this

Ratings rule. Ratings trump everything including humanity. Reality television is never real until it is. Sure we watch Basketball Wives who are not wives, we view young people on Jersey Shore who do not live in New Jersey, and we watch Survivor where people willingly try to survive on desert island while cameras capture all the mundane details, and finally we watch bachelors propose who have no intention of ever becoming grooms. So when I heard Jermaine Jones had hidden some aspects of his criminal record I assumed he would simply be erased from American Idol. They have eliminated others with criminal past, but they have always just shared with the audience the end result, but not this time. This time they eliminated Jones while America watched him twist in the wind. I guess since American idol ratings are down they decided this would be good tv. Maybe even must see tv, but it was exploitive and cruel, but I guess when the contestants sign on the dotted line they agree to be humiliated if it can help the ratings.

When did Gospel Music become the fall back plan?

Jacob Lusk was on the last cycle of American Idol. Although I did not watch the cycle regularly I did see Lusk perform twice. He has talent, but he does lacks polish. A friend of mine brought this tweet to my attention. Lusk came in 5th in the contest and he will have the opportunity to tour with the other finalists. So he will make some money, but now he has to ask himself ‘what next’? I find it interesting that he explores the idea of doing a gospel album. I have no problem with R&B artists doing gospel music, but I do have a problem with gospel being looked at as the fall back plan. If he had won Idol would he be contemplating gospel? We are seeing more and more gospel artists move away from the traditional gospel genre and move toward music that crosses over into the R&B arena.  I read somewhere recently that there “is nothing wrong with crossing over as long as you carry the cross over.”


Who is Kirk Franklin?

This season I did not watch American Idol, but one of my good friends watched it and gave me a recap the following day.  She persuaded me to watch the finale and I was glad to see gospel superstar Kirk Franklin singing with finalist Jacob Lusk. They were singing Franklin’s hit single “Smile.”  The next day my friend said that she was reading an article on the Idol Vote for the Worst site and as the site reviewed the finale they named all the superstars that performed but they had no idea who Kirk Franklin was. They refered to him as a “midget Ru Paul lookalike.”  Most people in the black community know who Kirk Franklin is. he has actually appeared on Oprah, but when taken out of the confines of the gospel experience he is viewed as an unknown by many. How could someone be regarded as famous in the black community and a nobody in the wider community? I often say “we have to know them, they don’t have to know us”, and this proves my point.

American Idol finalist James Durbin learns to not joke about MJ

American Idol finalist James Durbin learned that you don’t joke about the late king of pop. He made an unfortunate joke about the Pepsi accident that permanently branded Michael Jackson. He was blasted on Twitter for the unfunny joke. Obviously Durbin does not know that Michael Jackson fans are fans forever and you just don’t insult the king.


Why was Jennifer Lopez crying last night?

I am not watching this cycle of American Idol, but somehow I keep getting drawn in. Today I saw this clip online of Jennifer Lopez crying. So what happened? She told singer Chris Medina that he has been cut from the competition. He has a sad back story, but this is a vocal competition. The judges will let some singers through and some will not make it. To the ones that don’t make it the judges are in fact dream killers. What bothers me about her reaction is the situation becomes more about her and less about the singer who has just seen his American Idol dreams shattered. I’m not questioning her sincerity, but I am saying it is really not about Lopez it is about the singers vying for their chance at stardom.

American Idol is going to Miss what Simon Says

Last night Lee Dewyze won this cycle of American idol. This season featured a pageant of mediocrity. On a weekly basis they stepped up to the microphone and boldly delivered another amazing dose of average. So finally mercifully it has come to an end, but the bigger deal is that Simon Cowell signed off the show. Simon Cowell made the insufferable bearable. You could always depend on him to cut through the nonsense and say what you were thinking. Yes, sometimes he could be too brutal, but the bottomline is this show is about making a star and that is not an easy task. Cowell provided tough love and no one can replace his voice of truth. Now we are left with “Yo dog” Randy, Smiling Ellen and the other one whose name escapes me, and that is simply not enough to bring this viewer back. The truth is they lost me early in the season. This is a show that introduced us to Fantasisa, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson Ruben Studdard, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and Jordan Sparks. We saw raw talent evolve into real stars, but this year we were encouraged to simply cheer for raw, and hope that one day it would reach fruition. So for me it is good bye to Simon and good bye to American Idol.

How did American Idol Manage to find a Group Devoid of Soul?

One of the few reality shows I actually enjoy is American Idol, but this season is a pure, unadulterated disappointment. Last night I sat wondering where did they find these people. We have one little girl committed to country and last night she performed a lame ode to Miley Cyrus, and the judges almost brought her to tears. One suggested that she needed about a year to work on her voice, but the irony in this is these same judges chose her to participate. Two other contestants slaughtered classic hits Think by Aretha Franklin and Sam Cook’s A Change is Going to Come. Their performances were reminiscent of Jay Anthony Brown’s Murder the Hits on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and for those of you not familiar with this it suffices to say they weren’t good. Overall both nights could be classified as snoozers. When you watch this motley crew assembled for this cycle you wonder has this show outlived its usefulness, but one look at the ratings tells you people are still watching it, but how long will people keep watching mediocre talent step to the microphone to boldly deliver another dose of average?

Does God Want Jermaine Sellers to Win American Idol?

Last night I watched American Idol. Former Sunday Best finalist Jermaine Sellers delivered another sub par performance. After receiving not so positive feedback from the judges he asked them what should he sing next week. Judge Simon Cowell said I’m not sure you will be back next week, Sellers responded he would be back because “I know God.”  Cowell said well why give out the voting phone number for Sellars since he knew he was already in, but the question I would pose is was this a display of faith or unbridled arrogance? With all the problems going on in the world does God really care who will win the 9th cycle of Idol? So often in sporting events we will hear the victor say “God was on our side.”  If we are all God’s children why would he side with you over me? Last night I found Sellers response a little arrogant. I am not questioning his heart or his sincerity, but I will say I think American Idol is probably the biggest thing going on his life, but I simply don’t think God is really interested in who wins a singing contest.