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Book Worth Reading: What Would Michelle Do? By Allison Samuels

On first glance it is interesting that the author refers to the Mrs. Obama as simply Michelle. It seems appropriate because this first lady is as comfortable with kings and queens as she is with working out with school children. She has a self-assurance that comes from her early experiences growing up on the working class Southside of Chicago. She has always been focused and goal-driven, and she brought this take charge attitude into the White House. The approach that Samuels takes gives the reader glimpses into the First Lady’s past, but she also offers the reader inspirational instructions that the reader can adapt into their own lives. In one passage she delves into the character of Marian Robinson, the first lady’s mother, her lifelong dream was to be a secretary, but she did not fulfill this dream until after her daughter had entered high school. The takeaway is there is no expiration on dreams. It is never too late and you are never too old. If you are willing to work hard, commit and complete it. Some of the chapters: Find Your Seat and Take it, Using What You Have to Get What you Want and Making It Work. I liked this book because although Mrs. Obama is the central subject of the book Samuels has successfully created a handbook that talks to the reader about everyday issues that affect their world.
Allison Samuels is a senior writer at Newsweek/The Daily Beast.


Newsweek: The Black War Over Obama

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley have got to be very happy this week. Their fight with the president garnered them a 2 page spread in Newsweek this week. Allison Samuels addresses the fight that is going on within the black community. Smiley might not be smiling as broadly because he did not get quite as much ink as West, but this battle has staying power so smiley might get more in the next national press evaluation of the two. Poverty existed pre-Obama, during Obama and it will exist after Obama, but is poverty what is really motiviating this ire? Obama is not perfect, but who is? Yes this country has a lot of challenges to solve, but is this negative dialogue going to motivate the poor to vote or in 2012 will they say what’s the use? Is the goal to defeat poverty or to defeat Barack Obama. one has to wonder which one would make the Smiley/West team happier? Tell me what you think. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2011/08/14/cornel-west-and-the-black-war-over-obama.html