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Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

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Rev. Al’s interesting perspective on Donald Trump

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Who is afraid of Donald Trump? Answer: The Republican Party

Donald Trump is a rude bully. He has been called to task regarding a number of statements he made regarding illegal immigrants. He has been condemned for his statements and he has lost a number of business deals, but he still won’t stop talking. It has been interesting watch his fellow GOP candidates squirm when they are asked to comment on Trump’s remarks. Their condemnation has not been as swift or as brutal as the business interests. Why are they afraid to condemn Trump? They want to stay in his good graces. He will never be the GOP nominee but he has fascinated a fringe of the party and the other candidates want that fringe. So they will keep their hands on their ears and listen to the sounds of silence when Trump is talking. the problem is we hear him and we have to ask ourselves why are they acting like they don’t.

Why are Baltimore Police MIA?

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Why do the Millenials hate their elders in the movement?

Last night I watched Roland Martin’s townhall held in Baltimore and televised on TVOne. The event was held at the HBCU Morgan State. The event featured a panel and he also gave members of the community an opportunity to share their stories. The conversation centered around the Freddie Gray case, but other similar cases were also discussed. Several young people shared their stories, but one recurring theme was the disdain for organized groups. More than once the NAACP and Urban league were maligned. The young people claimed these groups were offering nothing and the grass roots organization were more valuable to the movement. Some members of the NAACP challenged the assertions but that did not keep the group including panelist Member Jeff Johnson of taking his shot. The question is do these century old organizations have a role now, and if so what should they be doing? Or do you think it is time to retirement them and concentrate on grass root organizations? Share your thoughts.

Freddie Gray is now a Martyr

On last night while watching the local news they showed a mural in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood. The mural is being done by a neighborhood artist with the help of Gray’s brother. It features a larger than life picture of Gray but I  was struck by the side images which featured Martin Luther King Jr. Gray has been elevated to martyr status. What happened to Gray was criminal. No individual should be treated like he was, but does that treatment erase any of his prior deeds. So often when someone dies everyone seeks to make that person the nicest person to walk the earth. perhaps you have been sitting at a memorial service and you heard all these wonderful things about the decedent that you wonder if you are at the right service, but it is another thing when you complete erase the person’s past because it does not fit in the newly crafted narrative, but i guess that is what happens when you become a martyr.

How could we have helped Freddie Gray?

When you talk about Freddie Gray is it wrong to talk about his arrest record? Gray had been arrested 18 times prior to the fateful day he had his last encounter with the police. Most of the arrests were for minor offenses. It seems that anyone who attempts to talk about it are quickly shutdown. Last night NBC Lester Holt interviewed members of Gray’s family and he tried to broach the subject, but he was quickly shutdown by the family attorney Billy Murphy. So is this subject off limits or were the arrests just Baltimore cops gone rogue? We should be able to discuss this without name calling. There is something wrong when a 25 year old man has 18 arrests. This can not be viewed as the norm and it all can not simply be attributed to harassment. Last week during the media outbreak we saw them relinquish their microphones to anyone with a tale to tell. The journalists did not make any attempt to substantiate the claims no they just shared them. The more sensational the tale the more airtime you received. No one is offering any cover to the police regarding the treatment of Freddie Gray,  but we have to be willing to have the hard conversations free from rancor. This case offers more issues than the murder of Gray there should also be some analysis of his life, and how we can keep others in the community from suffering a similar fate. Share your thoughts.

Bye, Bye Baltimore…What is Next for Charm City?

it was a big week for Baltimore. The Freddie Gray tragedy played out on tape. We don’t know everything about this case but we do know what we saw was heartbreaking. The screams of Gray as he is dragged away are wrenching. The riots and the protests drew the attention of the national press. Some of the press drew well deserved attention to the case and the state of affairs in that part of Baltimore.  In a 24/7news cycle you often see things that we shouldn’t see. We saw reporters surrendering their microphones to almost anybody and everybody. We heard many tales of police abuse, but we only had the account of the supposed victim. The claims were accepted and unchallenged and that can not be described as good journalism, but is good journalism the same as good news? No good journalism requires fact checking and good news simply generates good ratings. The cameras have moved on, the curfew has been lifted, Mondamin Mall has re-oped and CVS is still burnt ashes but Charm City is no longer number one in the news cycle. Monday ushers in normalcy and the problems that plague the city are no closer to resolution but the cameras and the lights are being set up at the next hot spot. So Charm City you are on your own just like you were last Monday and like you will be next Monday. Share your thoughts.

How does looting a Baltimore CVS honor Freddie Gray?

I just watched people kick in the door at a Baltimore CVS store. The looters ran in the store and made off with anything they could carry. This is not protest this is simply looking. We are simply witnessing crimes of opportunity. This honors no one this is simply a crime.

Black Lives Matter and We Need the Police

Today I attended a forum, Saving Our Sons. I walked in the venue and there were all men except for the wife of the event host. I started to leave but she encouraged me to stay. I did and I am glad I did. What I heard was a lively discussion which included law enforcement, clergy, ex-offenders, young men and their fathers. The beauty of the discussion is that all parties were transparent. The police shared how they do their job and that at the end of the day their goal is to make it home to their families. No they are not looking for young black men to use for target practice. They told the young men best practices when interacting with the police. This was not a one way conversation. The young men shared their need for respect and the police acknowledged their concerns. One of the members of the clergy touched the third rail when he talked about black on black crime and the lack of parenting that is a very real problem within the community. The Freddie Gray death is a tragedy but how many families in that same community lost loved ones at the hands of someone who also lived in the community. The media have weaved together a narrative that brings in ratings: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Eric Harris and Freddie Gray. They all are black and they died at the hands of law enforcement and that’s what they share. Very different circumstances that have to be looked at individually. Black Lives Do Matter, but we need the police. Just let them take a day off and we will see just how much they matter too.