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Is NBC mad at Al Roker for calling Ryan Lochte a liar?

When did wrong become right, and when did a lie become a misrepresentation of the facts. Last week we watched Ryan Lochte try to explain his Rio lies. Billy Bush and Al Roker had a heated exchange in which Roker declared Lochte a liar, but Bill Bush tried to soft pedal the offense. It seems like the real world sided with Roker but the NBC brass seemed to take umbrage to Roker’s reaction. Roker was right. We can’t tell our children not to lie but then try to justify the lies of the rich and famous. Lochte is an Olympian medal winner and he is also a liar and that is the truth even if as the NBC brass attempts to search for euphemisms.


Al Roker Is not letting Billy Bush “whitesplain” Ryan Lochte’s lies

You go Al Roker. You called a lie a lie not an embellishment. You didn’t “calm down” like Billy Bush suggested. You kept it real and kept it truthful.

Did a NY cabbie skip Al Roker to pick up a white guy?

Read the linked story and you decide is Al Roker justified or is he overreacting?

Are Al Roker’s rants against NYC mayor fair?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Morning Joe says Al Roker should have gotten some “butt glue”?

Al Roker opened the door and it will never be shut. Roker shared in his book and on a television interview that he had pooped his pants while visiting the White House. This was a side effect of his gastric bypass surgery. On Morning Joe today Joe Scarborough was talking about the Miss America pagent and said that one of the contestants had used “butt glue”. He then said that perhaps Al Roker should buy some butt glue to prohibit future butt accidents. So is this just a cheap shot or is this to be expected?

Ann Curry’s last day as Today Show anchor

This morning Ann Curry confirmed what we have all heard. Today was her last day as a co-host on the formerly number one morning show. Sure she will leave with a boatload of money, but it was obvious that she loved her job and it was taken away from her. She has been positioned as if she alone is responsible for the recent ratings drop. She took the fall and as usual she did it with grace. Curry will be missed. Share your thoughts.

Was Hurricane Irene Over-Hyped?

This is the question that Matt Lauer posed to Al Roker and Jim Cantore today. Did the region over prepare and did the media over hype. The answer is a resounding no. they defended their actions by saying they watched this hurricane for days and if it had hit with the veracity predicted it could have been catastrophic. Twenty people lost their lives in this storm and currently millions of people are still without power. New York forced many of their residents to evacuate and they did not receive the kind of damage predicted. One would think there would have been a collective sigh of relief, but no some are whining because they were inconvenienced. It seems even more ironic that we are having this discussion on the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. That Hurricane will go down as a tragic comedy of errors. The national, the state and the local governments dropped the ball on that one and the loss of life was staggering. The 9th ward still looks like a ghosttown because many of the displaced never came back because they had nowhere to come back to. So today if you feel put upon because you had to leave your apartment in Lower Manhattan for the weekend please go to Google and just put in August 29, 2005. Look at the images of the day 6 years ago and you will be able to put your inconvenience in perspective.

Al Roker Another Scary Black Man…That’s Ridiculous!

Recently Al Roker interviewed Heidi and Spencer Pratt. You could sense Roker’s disdain as he inteviewed this couple who are famous for simply being famous. He asked them a series of questions that they responded to in their own patented non-sensical way.  After the interview Heidi said she felt he was rude and that she felt uncomfortable.  She said “I was shocked at how rude he was, and I was crying afterwards because I couldn’t believe I felt personally attacked. I just wanted to talk about the show and my experience there and how fun it was, and he just made it a very uncomfortable, awful experience. I really would advise women especially to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely came and attacked me and I did not appreciate that at all.” So now Al Roker is classified as scary.  Let’s be real Al Roker is among the black men that can be classified as a white man’s black man. This simply means white men are comfortable around him. This club includes Lester Holt, the Gumbel Brothers (Brian and Greg) and Carlos Watson. Don’t get me wrong they are strong black men, but they are not radical and could hardly be classified as scary or aggressive. Roker obviously has a low tolerance for nonsense, and that is the only thing the Pratts have to sell.

MSNBC Father’s “Broken” Promise Another Sad Commentary on Black America


Last night Al Roker hosted this documentary that chronicled the birth of three children. All of their fathers had pledged when they were born in 1996 that they would be there for their children. Two of the three are currently in prison serving long terms and the third is often MIA, he is a veteran of the first Gulf War and suffers from post traumatic shock syndrome. After watching the show one wondered what was the point. Was it just another opportunity to bash black men or was it an opportunity to understand why they had abandoned their responsibility. Their reasons varied from their inability to keep or get a job to their dysfunctional relations with their children’s mother. At the conclusion of the show Roker hosted a roundtable discussion on the subject with Rev. Eugene Rivers, Mayor Corey Booker, Tiki Barber and two women from the field of education. They shared their own personal stories and their complicated relationships with their own fathers but no real solutions. The reality is there are not pat solutions. Each of the scenarios comes down to personal responsibilities. Being an engaged father is hard work, but once the baby is here it is the responsibility of the father to be there to offer guidance and support and there is really no acceptable reason to abdicate this responsibility. So this documentary is a continuation of the CNN special on being black in America and from the MSNBC perspective it is indeed a sad situation.

Today Show Crew Jokes About Digital Conversion

Television as we have known it is about to change. All television will be digital in February. Americans who have cable or Direct TV will not experience any changes, but those that depend on rabbit ear antennas must get a conversion box or they will not be able to receive a signal. The government was offering coupons to assist citizens with the purchase of the conversion box, but they recently ran out of coupons. So the Senate has voted to extend the deadline to June. The House will also have to vote on the extension. This morning Matt Lauer read the story and made the comment that some people are still not ready and Al Roker said we’ve just been talking about it for 2 years.  This is the reaction of the “haves” to the plight of the “have nots”. There are people in this country that live from paycheck to paycheck. They can barely cover their basic day to day needs so to purchase a conversion box to just watch free television could be viewed as an economic burden. True maybe there have been two years of telling the public of the digital switch but when you are struggling to feed your family that digital conversion box is simply not one’s number one priority.