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Al Gore Gets Lewinskied!

Last week news broke that in 2006 Al Gore had been accused of sexually assaulting a Portland masseuse, Molly Hagerty. No charges were ever filed because there was insufficient evidence. The National Enquirer broke this story. In the past a story in the Enquirer would have been dismissed, but in light of the fact that they broke the John Edwards story they can no longer be dismissed as a sensational tabloid.  Hagerty has come forward with stained pants that she claims will help her prove her allegations. At this point no charges have been brought forward, but if it is true this is an abuse of power and this will tarnish his legacy forever.


Joe Scarborough Discusses Al Gore’s Assault Charge on The View

Joe Scarborough appeared on “The View” this morning and he discussed why his show Morning Joe did not discuss the Al Gore situation. He contends that it was not actually news because the police found insufficient evidence to pursue the case. So he contended this was a scandal not news, but why is this being backburnered? The other question is why is this same standard not universally applied? Gore allegedly had a 3 hour massage and the masseuse a 54 year old woman claimed gore made unwanted advances toward her. This prompted Scarborough to quip that “nothing good happens after the first hour of a massage.” This story was not mentioned on any of the morning shows. It was discussed on Joy Behar’s Show and it has been mentioned as a news item on Fox News,  but for some reason the mainstream is not talking about this like they usually do when they smell a whiff of scandal. In this case their behavior is reminiscent of the MC Hammer song, Can’t Touch This.


Did Al Gore Sexually Assault an Oregon Woman?

A couple of weeks ago Al Gore and his wife Tipper announced they were separating after 40 years of marriage. It was an amicable spilt and they were still friends. Since that time we have started hearing rumblings that indicate Gore might have been involved in more than global warming.  Last week we heard that Al Gore allegedly had an affair with Larry David’s ex-wife. She has denied the allegation. Now we hear that Gore was accused of sexually assaulting an Oregon masseuse. “According to a 73-page “Confidential Special Report” made public by authorities Wednesday, the “licensed massage therapist” stated she was summoned to a suite at the upscale Lucia Hotel at the request of a guest, where “during the course of this massage session Al Gore did sexually assault me in his room. In a detailed statement given to police more than two years after the alleged incident the woman described her surprise at arriving for the VIP massage appointment to find Al Gore drinking beer and opening his arms in a hug saying “Call Me Al.”  According to the woman “Gore “flipped me flat on my back and threw his whole body face down over atop me pinning me down and outweighing me by quite a bit,” injuring her back and legs, she claimed. He kept trying to have sex with me,” said the woman, who described the situation as “frightening.”  This incident supposedly happened in 2006 and we are just hearing about it in 2010. Why was this not even worthy of a blurb in the newspaper? If a rap artist or a sports figure is accused of any kind of sexually based crime that becomes a big news story, but why did we not hear about Saint Al’s accused indiscretion?

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Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama After the Fact

Last night in Detroit former vice-president Al Gore endorsed Sen. Barack Obama. This is a big endorsement but one has to wonder why does it come so late? Timing is everything and this endorsement would have helped a lot more if it had come during the difficult primary season. Sen. Kennedy showed courage when he came out for Obama at the beginning of the year. Kennedy said to America and his fellow politicos that Obama was his candidate. His powerful influence gave other Democratic  the courage to come out against the Clintons. The fact is Barack Obama is already the nominee Gore’s endorsement serves as a rubber stamp of the obvious. The one thing that he has done is solicit his own database on Obama’s behelf and hopefully this will prove to be profitable. So today Sen. Obama has the endorsement, but we are still left with the question “why did it take so long?”