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University of Missouri President resigns, but says this is not how change should happen

The University Of Missouri football team refused to take the field this weekend. That act cast the school 1 million dollars, and today after weeks of protest the president stepped down. In his resignation speech he said this is not how change should happen, but radical acts help facilitate change and when a university starts losing money that too can be a catalyst for change. Share your thoughts.

Where is the perfect presidential candidate?

2016 presidential contenders include: an egomaniac, a socialist, a liar, a man who can’t keep his campaign money separated from his personal money, a failed Fortune 500 executive, a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who never learned to fight, a man who overcame the hood to perform amazing surgery, a man who can’t get along with his colleagues, a man who has a problem saying no to donuts, a man who stands proudly with lawbreakers and a man that is a military hawk. All of these people want sit in the oval office and none of them are perfect. We have that in common with them, but even if you disagree with them they are doing something. They have an idea and a commitment to this country. So as we sit on our couches with our popcorn waiting on the next shoe to drop give them a little credit for at least being willing to try.

Is CNN on a Dr. Carson witch hunt?

CNN seems to be on a mission, and that is to destroy Dr. Ben Carson, They are going full throttle in pursuit of dirt on the doctor. Prior to this I really did not have Carson on my radar, but their relentless pursuit of dirt is making me take a second look at the good doctor. Politico is also doing their due diligence to take potshots at the good doctor. The doctor is the front runner and with that brings more scrutiny but where is this zeal when it comes to Donald Trump? They are afraid of Trump and not Carson, but let’s us not forget Carson said he has his anger issues under control, but I don’t think it is wise to push it.

Ben Carson’s Urban Rap?

Do they really think this will get black votes?

Ben Carson and the Pyramids?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Celebrating Jenean Hampton’s Historic Victory

Didn’t hear a lot about this but it is noteworthy. Jenean Hampton is the first black person to win a statewide office in Kentucky. This is history and it should be acknowleged and celebrated.

Fox Lake Policeman, Joe Gliniewicz killed himself…why did some blame the Black Lives Matter movement?

In early September a policeman in Fox Lake Illinois was found dead. he had radioed in that he was in pursuit of 3 males (two white and one black). Police combed the area looking for the killers. Some in the conservative media blamed the Black Lives mater movement, but the police found no one, and they did not pin the crime on any young males. Today we learn that this was a well orchestrated suicide. Thank God that no one went to jail for this cowardly act.


Student threatens teacher with a desk…is this what is going on in the classroom?

Last week the nation was in shock when we watched a resource officer drag a South Carolina girl across the room. This morning a friend of mine sent me this clip. This is equally appalling. Share your thoughts.

Do we even need debates?

The GOP contenders are meeting today to discuss last week’s debates. They want more Republicans at the moderator table. They believe that the liberals control the microphones and they in fact control the agenda. Funny thing is the candidates both Democrats and Republicans don’t answer the questions anyway. They simply use the questions as an intro into their talking points. What do we actually learn from these televised events? Is it simply entertainment? Share your thoughts.

Should Raven Symone be fired from The View?

Thousands are clamoring for the firing of Raven Symone, but should she be fired? She has angered members of the black community by saying things like she would not hire a person with a ghetto name and her latest transgression was to say the South Carolina girl should have simply given up her phone and maybe things would have turned out differently. To quote her “two wrongs don’t make a right”. So she says things that are off the wall and politically incorrect. So should she lose her job for expressing an opinion many disagree with? No she has a right to an opinion and a right to verbalize it. What we have a right to do is not watch her. Share your thoughts.


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