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Black Lives Matter and America’s Long History of Resisting Civil Rights

Interesting article from Washington Post. Please read and share your thoughts.

Hillary Clinton is just like me…she carries hot sauce in her purse too except I don’t

Hillary Clinton is trying just a little too hard to identify with black people. She claims she carries hot sauce in her purse just like Beyonce. Really, I don’t believe it, but if she does it must be next to the fried chicken, watermelon and other ethnic stereotypes in that very big handbag.

Hillary Clinton Tells Black Radio Host She Carries Hot Sauce In Her Purse

Birth of a Nation… First Look

Coming in October.

Morning Joe’s Mika calls Michelle Fields case a “joke”

Michelle Fields filed a complaint against Donald Trump’s campaign manager. The prosecution has declined to prosecute, but Mika Brezenski who declares herself an advocate for women took direct personal aim at the victim. We saw the tape and the takedown from what we saw it did not look that bad, but we were not the one on the receiving end of the assault. Mika needs to take a seat. Michelle Fields must not be a member of the Mika tribe because if she were Mika would have more emphathy and less snark.

Armstrong Williams sound off on the Clintons…is he right?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Interesting how Megyn Kelly can get all up in Rev. Al’s face, but where is this Kelly when she meets with Donald Trump?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

NY Mayor Bill deBlasio defends CP time joke and says people are missing the point…really?

Mayor Bill deBlasio defends the CP time joke and says people are missing the point. deBlasio is married to a black woman and he probably feels comfortable saying this, but maybe he needs to keep this kind of talk in the residence. Not funny and no politician would share a joke featuring a Jewish stereotype to a group of Jews. Why is this appropriate? It’s not. Share your thoughts.


Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio joke about CP time, and frankly it is not funny

Not feeling the racial humor. Saw this on Twitter but it did not make it to the news. Imagine if Donald Trump said it. Clinton and De Blasio need to dial it back. They think they have a black pass but they don’t have a right to make this joke and more people need to say it. Share your thoughts.

WGN Underground is Must See Television

I have been watching the series WGN Underground. The story chronicles the story of a group of slaves running away to freedom. I like the show because the slaves are not portrayed as noble and long suffering. They are angry and they yearn to be free. They are intelligent people who know life should be more than shining master’s boots or cooking for the inhabitants in the big house. We see that the slaves were not all nice, they had their own agendas and, and some over the past few weeks have shown themselves to be ruthless. We see their human frailties and that makes the characters even more enduring as well as interesting. It airs Wednesday at 10PM eastern. It is worthy of watching or set your DVR you will not be disappointed.

Bill Clinton spars with Black Lives Matter Protesters in Philly…is anybody listening?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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