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Have we become a nation of sore losers?

Last week I watched an episode of Bring It on Lifetime. It is a show highlighting cheer/dance competition. The competition is fierce and every episode features a competition and a 1st and 2nd place team is crowned. The other week a team won the 2nd place trophy but the leader could not accept it. She told her girls they were winners and she would not accept the second place trophy. She hurled the trophy across the room and it shattered. I remember saying out loud “what are we teaching our children?” Ted Cruz won Monday night and seemingly that was accepted as fact that night, but today 2 days later he is accused of cheating by Mr. Second Place, Donald Trump. Sure Dr. Ben Carson has accused the Cruz campaign of playing a little fast and loose with the truth, and they have apologized for that, but Carson is not questioning the legitimacy of the process. There are winners and losers in any competition and people need to not only learn to be a good winner but also a good loser.

What happened to Gynnya McMillen?

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Donald Trump comes in 2nd in Iowa or as he would say the 1st Loser

Morning Joe should be officially renamed the Donald Trump fan club. Over the past few months they have given Trump unfettered access to their audience. He rarely appeared in their space but he was a frequent telephone guest. When he was not there they lathered him with verbal praise, but despite their best efforts he came in 2nd in Iowa last night, but the praise just keeps on coming. Ted Cruz’ victory is not their big story no Trump’s strong showing and his gracious concession speech is their hot news. Cruz has never been a favorite of mine but it was good to see him knock the crown off the head of the media-anointed king. Trump had the swagger of a winner and all the verbosity to go with it. He was so confident that he was destined to win he felt skipping a debate was a good idea. He was playing by his own rules. He called out Sarah Palin and he knew her presence on the stage would make a difference. He went to Liberty University to tell the one about the 2 Corinthians. As he often said the Evangelicals loved him. It was interesting seeing him last night when he appeared on stage he looked like a mere mortal. Maybe Trump might need to look at Proverbs 16:18-“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Do Blacks have a “slavish” devotion to the Democratic party?

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Devon Franklin and Meagan Good on CBS This Morning discussing their new book The Wait

Watch the clip and note the interviewers cynicism. Share your thoughts.

Sarah Palin gets heated on the Today Show…did they go back on their word?

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Snyder Administration started sending water to state buildings months before they dealt with Flint residents

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Why is Cam Newton defending himself?

Cam Newton is an exciting quarterback. He attacks the game with joy and he is not shy about celebrating, but some are bothered by his antics. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

I’m sick of political correctness too, but I am not ready for full out rudeness

Donald Trump says he is not politically correct and I get that but too simply be rude and outlandish is not the answer. He has said a lot of things over the past six months that have been applauded, but that does not make it right. Trump who is willing to say anything is refusing to speak at tomorrow night’s debate. He is used to getting his way and Fox News is not letting him get his way. Megyn Kelly is going to be sitting at the moderator’s table. Trump might decide at the last minute that he is going to come but then he would have to cancel the event he says he is planning for the soldiers, but who knows what Trump will do.

Lessons for Giggling Teens in T-Shirts Spelling the N-Word

Lessons for the Giggling Teens in T-Shirts Spelling the N-Word
Original Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/yolanda-young/lessons-for-the-giggling-teens-in-t-shirts-spelling-the-n-word_b_9069196.html

Congratulations on succeeding in putting Phoenix, Arizona’s Desert Vista High School on the map. Many seniors aspire to such a feat (though almost none would have agreed to your plan): configuring yourselves so that your t-shirts, emblazoned with an asterisk or gold letter, spelled the word “N-I-*-*-E-R.” A photo of your assemblage went viral on instagram (duh). Now the world is staring at your clueless smiles. You had no idea what was coming! All is not lost. Consider this a teachable moment.

1. Don’t be so obtuse.

Spelling Ni**er was dumb and obvious. If you intend to sidestep the wrath that comes with offending others, it is important you be clever. If you are in need of instruction, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently giving a master class. You may also look to Maine Gov. Paul LePage. Had you been deft enough to invoke D-Money, you would have succeeded in conjuring negative stereotypes while rendering #BlackTwitter powerless to do anything other than glare at your shade. But you didn’t go that route, and now #BlackTwitter intends to make you pay.

2. #BlackTwitter will drag you.

By blurring your faces and withholding your names, mainstream media did everything possible to protect you from yourselves. Unfortunately, traditional media no longer carry the day. #BlackTwitter wasted no time dragging your names and faces into the town square where a public shaming is now underway. How could you not have anticipated this? It’s not like you’re Nancy Lee Grahn, the aging soap opera actress who didn’t know what was happening when #BlackTwitter came for her. Y’all know about #BlackTwitter. They won’t stop until they have devoured every last one of your white tears.

3. This is going to hurt.

According to your school district’s website, your punishment has yet to be dispensed as the “discipline process” remains ongoing. Already there is a petition, which as of Monday morning had over 36,000 signatures, demanding your expulsions and the principal’s firing. If their demands are not met, there will likely be protests and complaints filed with the U.S. Department of Education.

4. “Good” white people will abandon you.

Before Friday’s sun had set over Phoenix, ABC15 was reporting the “outrage,” “unacceptable” nature, and “disappointment” expressed by your principal, Christine Barela and Tempe Union High School District Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Baca. Even your white classmates have distanced themselves from you by posing in solidarity with the black students you offended. Understand; the “good” white people aren’t tossing you to the wolves because they think you are “bad.” Until Apple perfects the machine that can betray our thoughts and hearts, who’s good, bad, racist, or otherwise will remain a mystery. But certain “acts” (read yours) are indefensible. In the future, leave wiggle room.

5. This will follow you.

To start with, how do you explain this incident to college admissions officers? You’ve essentially given them notice that you’re at best foolish, possibly a pariah. Believe me; with the heat they are catching from the Black Lives Matter students, they are not looking for additional fireworks. You should also prepare yourselves to be offered up in court as Exhibit A in the lawsuit filed by Desert Vista High School English teacher, Dr. Cicely Cobb, who in 2014 alleged racial discrimination by students and inaction on the part of school administrators. But at least you have youth on your side. Last year, when a white man and his friends racially taunted a little black boy named Cayden, he and his friends were fired. You’ve got plenty of time to rehabilitate yourselves before you go on the job market.

6. There is good news!

You are white girls (as opposed to black girls, or God forbid, black boys). Even as I comprehend how mean and insensitive you’ve been to your classmates, I look at those bright smiles and rosy cheeks and see cuteness, and by extension, innocence. (That’s how insidious and entrenched the Western culture’s brainwashing is.) Your bad deeds will be filtered through your white-femaleness so that before you even offer them, excuses and explanations will have already been formulated in the minds of many. Many are anxious to forgive, protect, and embrace you.

7. There is REALLY good news!!!

You are white. (This simply can’t be said enough.) Better still, area demographics suggest your parents are likely educated and affluent, so they can afford the lawyers, counselors, and public relations consultants you now need. Trust me; you’ll be fine. The REALLY, really good news is that you have an opportunity few people your age encounter: to confront the person you are and decide the person you want to be. The world is waiting to give you a second chance. Take it, but do me this one solid: Recognize that the people you were mocking are often not so lucky.

Yolanda Young


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