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Why would George Bush’s mother show him a dead fetus?

Preisdent Bush’s new book Decision Points is coming out this week. He chronicles a lot of events that shaped his life but one of them is down right disturbing. President Bush opposed abortion, but in the book he shared that as a teenager his mother suffered a miscarriage and she placed the fetus in a jar to take to the hospital with her, and seeing this fetus helped solidify his opposition to abortion. What???? Please tell me why would a mother show this to one of her children? To me this borders on child abuse. To place that kind of indeligble imprint in the mind of your child is simply cruel. There was nothing edifying about this act.

Some Believe the Killing of Dr. Tiller Was Justified—What have We Become?

This afternoon I was reading stories in reference to the killing of abortion Dr. George Tiller. Most of the articles say that the killing was a heinous and reprehensible act, but while reading an article on the Fox News Network I was struck by one of the comments: “What kind of church would allow an unrepentant murderer of babies to be a member of their church and on top of that an usher! I honestly do not feel bad about the Dr.’s death nor do I feel bad for his family. He was responsible for the murder of thousands of babies. His family by all accounts supported him. It may sound harsh but justice was finally carried out for this murderer.” I did not post the entire comment but the hatred spewing through is frightening. When did we as a country start condoning vigilante justice? Like it or not this man was doing something that was legally sanctioned by the state and he did not deserve to die like this.

Abortion Doctor Killed in Church…Who is to Blame?

Today Dr. George Tiller was killed in church. He was serving as an usher and he was shot to death. Tiller was a vocal proponent of abortion, and he performed a number of late term abortions. This is why he was killed because of what he did. He was performing a completely legal act and he paid with his life. Whether you are for or against abortion you can not believe that what happened to the doctor was fair or just. The rhetoric on this issue tends to run high on both sides. Rational people have the ability to control their passion and some do not. Tragically today Dr. Tiller encountered someone who could not.

Who Invited President Obama to Notre Dame?

I am sick and tired of this Notre Dame controversy. President Obama was invited to speak at the commencement ceremony. He did not just say I’m coming let me speak. He was invited. President Obama is pro-abortion and pro-stem cell research. These are two hot button issues in the Catholic community, but the president did carry the Catholic vote in November. The purpose of higher education is not just to prepare you for employment. The college experience is also designed to expand your mind. It is a time to be exposed to other ideas that might be in conflict with your own. You might not share some of the myriad opinions that you are exposed to and that is alright. So to have the president speak at the commencement is an honor that other universities would kill for. In this country it  is fine for some to protest, but let us remember the president was asked to attend he did not just decide to show up.