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The View Barbara Walters says John Edwards does not care about his child

Today the ladies of The View were discussing the John Edwards case. In discussing the trial Barbara Walters said Edwards never cared about Rielle Hunter, and she went a step further by saying he did not care about the child he fathered with Hunter. Some of her co-hosts challenged her assessment, but the Queen of Talk did not back down. It is one thing for her to take shots at Edwards he might deserve it, but the child is now 4 years old, and it is just reckless and cruel to bring the innocent child into any discussion of the misdeeds of the parents. Shame on you Babs.

ABC The View Barbara Walters was downright hostile to JFK mistress Mimi Alford

Over the last few days Mimi Alford has made the rounds on the talks shows promoting her memoir that details her relationship with President Kennedy. Walters took extreme umbrage to the salacious details that Alford shared in the book. She asked Alford why did she feel the need to share her story? Alford countered by saying she was outed in 2008 memoir by another Kennedy insider to which Walters replied no one even knew her name. Walters asked her did she think about Caroline which was interesting. Alford was also someone’s daughter did the president think about that before they became involved? It was obvious that Walters resented that this woman has chosen to tell her story. It was an interesting reaction and one I too could identify with. We all know that Kennedy was a womanizer, but it is something that is more upsetting to hear that he had sex with a 19 year old intern. He was in fact old enough to be her father. This took place in 1962 before the press reported every minute of the president’s schedule. People in the White House knew this was going on, but everyone chose to look the other way and now 50 years later we are forced to watch the last stones of the Camelot era fall apart before our eyes, and for people of a certain age it is easier to chastise the messenger than to deal with the fact that president took advantage of an intern. ABC message boards show opinions similar to mine.

I just watched Barbara Walters politely “grill” JFK’s mistress. You could tell that BW was strategically attacking this woman but in such a way to deny her actions. What is up with BW? It was very inappropriate for BW to behave in this manner. I don’t think she is in a place to throw stones. Besides, it took two (JFK and the mistress) to have an affair. Barbara, you should apologize for your unprofessional and childish behavior.

By REPEATEDLY implying that her guest is revealing lurid sexual details only to sell her book, she attempts to shame a woman who was victimized for revealing a man’s unethical sexual harrassment. The President of the Unites States could well be the world’s most intimidating authority figure, and having ANY kind of sexual relationship with his 19 year old employee is criminal. He did a BAD thing, MANY BAD THINGS, and yet Ms. Walters seems to believe the BAD thing is exposing him. If Ms. Walters cannot acknowledge that a man she admired was perhaps, not so admirable, that is HER problem. Making these dirty deeds public is the RIGHT thing to do, to educate everyone on the dangers of hero worship, and the evil of blaming the victim.