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Does Raven Symone make controversial statements to simply get attention?

Read linked article and share your thoughts.


Rosie Perez dropped from The View

Variety is reporting Rosie Perez is leaving The View. The show has been saying she was off this month because she was preparing to do a Broadway play, but she will not be returning. Is anyone surprised? Will this show ever get any chemistry?


Whoopi has no one to talk to…too funny

whoopi alone

Did Whoopi Goldberg attack Will Cain?

Was it an attack or a statement of fact? Share your thoughts.

The View Should Do something Different…like give the chair to a real woman

ABC The View is in the midst of a shakeup, but what will really change? Why not actually get some real women instead of some more famliar talking heads. Don’t ressurect Rosie O’Donnell. She had her big bite of the apple and she spit it back. Really do a search almost reality style. Find out what real people are actually thinking versus what New Yorkers/Hollywood elite think we’re thinking. It would be fun to see an ordinary person have an opportunity to have a big stage. Share your thoughts.

ABC The View gets new view, minus Jenny MCarthy and Sherri Shepherd


Corey Feldman on The View claims abuse by pedophiles in the industry…shouldn’t he identify them?

This morning Corey Feldman appeared on The View promoting his book Coreography. This is his story. His truth. He talks about being abused by his mother and also by powerful people in the industry. He claims that some of these people who he says are pedophiles are still in the business. Barbara Walters attempts to challenge his claims but he stands by them. My question is if he knows they are pedophiles shouldn’t he identify them? Share your thoughts.

Dan Savage talks gay threesomes on The View…really?

Dan Savage is known for his in your face advocacy but today he brought his wisdom to The View. This season The View is going in a new direction. They seemingly are moving away from the stay at home moms model to a broader more inclusive audience. They want everybody and they are seemingly willing to go out on a limb. I walked in on the Savage segment and heard him discussing how we are hardwired to cheat. Barbara Walters asked him a specific question regarding if he cheats on his partner and Savage replied well if he were cheating his partner would be cheating also because he would be at the other end of the person he was cheating with. Walters seemed taken aback, but was she? Isn’t this exactly what she wanted?


Joy Behar leaving The View at the end of the season

Joy Behar has been with The View since the beginning. it was announced today that she will be leaving the popular show. You either love her or hate her and she could really care less. Some of her statements were and are outrageous, but she is never boring and she will be missed from the conversation.

Barbara Walters calls out Donald Trump…will it make a difference?

Today on The View Barbara Walters called Donald Trump out regarding his 5 million dollar offer. She told him to stop making a fool of himself. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.