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Roland Martin brought the heat to Sunday Morning

Is Roland Martin right? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


Should ABC air an interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife before the South Carolina Primary?

ABC Nightline is going to run an interview with Marianne Gingrich tonight. As they say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. The irony of this is Newt Gingrich left his first wife to be with Marianne. The Bible says you reap what you sew, but this is indeed a personal matter. When you run for president your personal business is disected for the world to see. This interview could tilt the South Carolina primary. We know why ABC wants to run the interview now: ratings, but should they run it before the primary? Tell me what you think.


Should ABC have Andrew Breitbart doing political commentary election night?

ABC has announced that right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart will be offering political insight election night. Breitbart is the blogger that released a portion of Shirley Sherrod’s NAACP speech to the media this spring and set off a firestorm. He was condemned for theis act by people on the left and the right. My question is should Breitbart be on the ABC panel Election Night? Tell me what you think.

If Andrew Young is Your Friend You Don’t Need Enemies

Andrew Young, former aide, to John Edwards and author of the book, The Politician appeared on The View this morning along with his wife. He originally claimed paternity of Edwards lovechild. He is currently on a book tour and he seems to have a two-fold mission: sell books and destroy all public affection for Elizabeth and John Edwards.  What Edwards did is indefensible. He had an affair, fathered a child, lied about fathering a child and deceived his wife, but this public flogging of Elizabeht Edwards is a little hard to take. She might not be St. Elizabeth, but she is a woman who is dying of cancer and who was duped by her philandering husband.  Why are they doing this? It is just plain cruel. This story is sad on so many levels. It is a story of deceit. Young and his wife are trying to come off as victims, but by writing this book he has revealed himself to be a greedy opportunist. He says he was deceived as well as the rest of Edwards staff and that is one of the reasons he wrote this book. Yes, he might have been deceived but he wrote this book to make money. Nobody in this has clean hands, but attacking Elizabeth Edwards is just mean.

Is Michael Vick Public Enemy Number 1?

By now most people have heard the Michael Vick story. Vick was the talented quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, but he also had an illegal dog fighting operation. That operation pitted dogs in fights to the death. Injured dogs were often electrocuted in a pool on the grounds. Vick was sentenced to prison and he will soon be a resident of a Half way house prior to his release. This man has gone from being cheered to being treated as a piranha, but when should his punishment end? On the ABC News tonight they did a story profiling how some of the as they said “Vick dogs” have been rehabilitated. As part of Vick’s punishment he was ordered to pay $900,000 for the lifetime needs of the dogs. So the people that have taken the dogs into their homes are considered guardians and in that role are probably eligible for a stipend. They showed how the dogs have been rehabilitated and are now able to live in homes that also have small children as residents. All of this is good news, but when the reporter asked one of the trainers what would she say to Vick she responded she had nothing to say to him, and that is fine too, but why this story now? Nothing just happens in the land of network news. When Vick is set free back into society he is going to be looking for an NFL team and all of this is being done now to make sure no one forgets what Vick did.  In our society when you do the crime you need to be prepared to serve the time. Vick has done that. He is by no means a hero. He is a grown man that did something horrific that warranted punishment, but should his sentence last the rest of his life or will he be allowed to move on?  

Why is America so Fascinated with Susan Boyle?

By now everyone on earth has heard the Susan Boyle story. She is the 47 year old single unemployed woman with the voice of an angel. We met her at her audition for the British show You’ve Got Talent”. We she told her story the audience hooted and the judges rolled their eyes, but when she sang everyone was transfixed. Her video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk

has received over 20 million hits. Her voice is incredible but every time her story is told they somehow feel the need to use words like homely, plain or frump to describe her. It’s as if it impossible to imagine a plain woman with such a gift. Her looks have been the topic of everything from the network news to The View, but what does this say about us? Is America so shallow that only the beautiful should be expected to have talent? Judging from what is heard this week the answer is yes. How many beautiful singers with marginal voices can you name? I’m sure a number of names come to mind. They have the package, but not the pipes and that does not even matter. I applaud Ms. Boyle who put her dreams on hold to take care of her aged mother, but she never stopped singing or dreaming and today she is caught up in an incredible, unbelievable dream that has come true for plain ole Susan.

Americans Will Judge President Obama By What He Does, Not By Who He Is, And That is the American Dream

 Last night Ann Compton of ABC asked whether his race has played a role in his actions following his election as the first African-American president. President Obama said that his administration, “has been dominated by me trying to figure out how we’re going to fix the economy, and that affects black, brown, and white.”  He went on to say “while there was “justifiable pride” in the historic step of his election. That lasted about a day. . . . Right now the American people are judging me exactly the way I should be judged. And that is: Are we taking the steps to improve liquidity in the financial markets, create jobs, get businesses to reopen, keep America safe? And that’s what I’ve been spending my time thinking about.” This is truly what Dr. King envisioned. Barack Obama will be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. It is his character and his ability to lead that got him elected to the presidency. We want the president to be judged on results. While his presidency is indeed historic it must still be productive. So the president’s response to this question was dead-on right now the color that affects all Americans is green, and the lack of it. So that is what the president will and should be judged on.

Note to RNC: The Election is Over

The RNC has posted an ad showing President-elect Barack Obama verbalizing his support of for then candidate for governor Rod Blagojevich. They have the sinister scary backgound music and try to portray Obama’s support as something unusual. The fact is the election is over and the other fact is sitting senator will support a sitting governor of his own party because that is politics. Even John McCain has said he does not agree with the release of this ad. The fight ended November 4th and now we are all anxiously awaiting the transition. We’ve got big problems facing our country and the Blago situation is a distraction in the grand scheme of things. The RNC needs to take a step back and let Obama take office before they start taking pot shots.

William Ayers, the GOP Whipping Boy Finally Speaks

Throughout the campaign we heard the name William Ayers associated with all things terrorist. We first heard the name in the primaries. it was introduced to us by the Hillary Clinton team. On the only ABC debate Barack Obama was questioned about his association by George Stephanopoulous. Stephanopoulous had appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show the day before and Hannity had suggested this particular question. The McCain gang continued to beat the drum with Sarah palin taking it to a whole new level when she accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” As the campaign progressed I wondered what was William Ayers feeling when he heard people at a McCain rally yelling “kill him”. How did his family feel? No one can excuse Ayers’ radical past, but he has moved on and become a productive citizen, but that was ignored. he had become the GOP “boogie bear” and they would not let go of him. Now that the election is over Ayers’ has spoken out and he said “Obama has continually been asked to defend something that ought to be at democracy’s heart: the importance of talking to as many people as possible in this complicated and wildly diverse society, of listening with the possibility of learning something new, and of speaking with the possibility of persuading or influencing others. The McCain-Palin attacks not only involved guilt by association, they also assumed that one must apply a political litmus test to begin a conversation.” Fortunately for us this kind of diviseness did not work, but it is very sad that in a campaign it is acceptable to salvage the reputation of another in hopes of winning an election.