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The Rise of the Millennial Militant

It’s 2015 and we are seeing black students across the country express their anger and frustration at college campuses across the country. They are taking their demands to the office of the university president. While I am sure some of their demands are valid, and should be heard and possibly implemented, but one has to also ask if the millennials will ever be satisfied? The university campus will never be Utopia. There will always be jerks saying vile racist things but isn’t that what happens in the real world? Share your thoughts.

Marketing Fear: Isis and the Media

Isis has the whole world on alert. They are killers that show no mercy. What they do is news and worthy of reporting, but has the media gone too far? Over the past few days have they moved from reporting the events to marketing fear? The networks show the huge graphics Terror in Paris. They play videos showing the violence and the carnage over and over again. What is the point and what is this doing to the public? Share your thoughts.

Why do they hate us?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

You can feel for the people of Paris and the people of Chicago too

You have the ability to have sympathy and empathy for more than one group of people at the same time. Over the last couple of days we have seen an outpouring of grief for the people of Paris. What happened Friday night is heartbreaking. The loss of life is devastating but today on Twitter a person drawing a distinction. The writer said 129 people die in Paris and the world cries, but there have bee 400 people who have died in Chicago this year. Who is crying? We have within us the ability to cry for both but we also have to look at them as two different situations. At this point we do not know the individuals who committed the Paris massacre. We know the group but not the particulars. The Chicago situation is different. We know who is doing the killing. In Chicago it is neighbor killing neighbor. People aren’t coming from another country killing the Chicagoans. This is home grown terror, and the people at home are the ones who have to address the situation.

Charles Barkley says he hates “nappy hair”…would a white man get away with this?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump goes off on Ben Carson…could you actually see this man in the White House?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

The Starbuck’s Christmas Cup Controversy is Crazy

Bah Humbug on the new Starbucks cups, but why? They don’t bear any of the symbols of Christmas. So is this the war on Christmas by secular media? I saw the perfect quote for this situation, “If coffee cups define your Christmas, Honey it’s you who needs Jesus.”

Does the word sassy bother you?

Last night while watching Being Mary Jane I was struck by a single word used repeatedly. That word was “sassy”. Mary Jane’s boss was expressing his disappointment at her behavior and he said that she had been sassy two different times during that week. Why did they use that word in the script? it just seems that particular word is used more often to describe the behavior of black women. Share your thoughts.

Bloomingdale what were you thinking?

spike your friends eggnog
Bloomingdale is in hot water over this ad. Does this encourage date rape? Share your thoughts.

Has the Age of the Agitator ended?

We just saw the president of a university resign after intense pressure from the students. The students protested, one graduate student went on a hunger strike, some faculty members walked out and the football team vowed not to play. With the pressure increasing the president had no choice. This was accomplished without the aid of an outside agitator. No Al or Jesse was anywhere to be found. No shade to Al or Jesse just a fact. People united can make a difference without the aid of an outside agitator.


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