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Justice for Freddie Gray or more Facetime on Primetime?

Something bad happened to Freddie Gray as he was being transported by the Baltimore police to the station. The mayor and the police chief have assured the city that they will find out what happened to Mr. Gray. The Department of Justice has also opened up an investigation. Baltimore is not Ferguson. In Ferguson we watched a blame the victim mentality at work. The police demonized Michael Brown prior to even learning the name of the policeman who killed Brown. The Baltimore reaction has been totally different. Police brutality is a fact of life in Charm City, but this high profile case does not seem to be on the slow track to nowhere, but last night we saw over 1000 people march demanding justice, but justice is a process and it looks like in this case the process is working so it makes you wonder what is the goal here? The chant is “What do we want? and the response is “Justice”, but is that what everyone wants? Some of the people seem to want more face time on prime time. This is the kind of case that not only draws local attention, but the network is here and they are looking for voices to elevate and there are people here who are ready for their close up, but will their face time do anything to answer the real question, “what happened to Freddie Gray?”

8 White Station High School Students Suspended After Fight

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

The Latest Kardashian Foolishness: Kylie Jenner Challenge

Too crazy. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Freddie Gray looked at the police, and ran from them and now he is dead…why?

Every time I hear a reporter talk about Freddie Gray’s death I am struck by his crime. He made eye contact with the police and ran from them. So they arrested him and something happened on the way to the precinct, and now the police are mum. No one knows anything, but the police want to tell us about Gray’s background. Gray had an arrest record, but did the police know about his record when they started their pursuit? When did we require that the victim have a perfect record? Is your victimhood denied by virtue of a previous bad act? It will be interesting to see what happens with this case, but with 6 policeman involved will anyone break the blue line, and tell us what actually happened or will the city simply settle another case of excessive force.

How did Freddy Gray die?

The police made eye contact with Freddy Gray and he ran. Apparently running is enough to warrant arrest in Baltimore. He was taken in custody 8 days ago and he died yesterday. He was only 25 years old and no one knows how he died. He had crushed voicebox and a broken back and the police have no answers. There is no tape to show what the police did or did not do on the way to the precinct. The mayor and her police chief just held a press conference and they said a lot but really answered nothing. They are investigating and they should have more for us by May 1st. So what did they accomplish today. it was a PR effort. They wanted to show the volatile community that they care and they are looking for answers. Hopefully that will be enough for now.

Why did Matt Lauer call Tim Tebow “polarizing”?

Tim Tebow is headed back to the NFL. Tebow is an unabashed Christian. This morning Matt Lauer described him as polarizing. So what makes him polarizing. His exuberance for Christ? His stand on abortion or same sex marriage? The Today Show features all kinds of people with all kinds of points of view, but Tebow is polarizing?

Why did Michael Eric Dyson take on Cornel West in The New Republic magazine?

Cornel West's Rise and Fall by Michael Eric Dyson   The New Republic
If someone writes an article about your rise and fall you can guarantee it is not going to be complimentary to the subject. When two intellectuals throwdown they do it with words. Michael Eric Dyson dissects the legacy of one of his mentors, Cornel West. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.

What happened to Freddy Gray in police custody?

Freddy Gray was in perfect health. Last week he was pursued by Baltimore Police. One week later he is dead. The police suspect he was involved in drug activity but they have not said why he was arrested. So many questions, but one thing is certainĀ Gray is dead and we need to know why.

Target’s latest stunt: Lily Pulitzer for Target (limited collection…severely limited)

I fell for the okie doke this morning. I arrived at my local Target at 8AM only to see a line of people on the side of the building waiting to get inside and get their hands on the Lily Pulitzer goodies. They touted fashion and home items. By the time I entered the racks were virtually empty and by the time I left they were. The website crashed and this afternoon Target announced there will be no more Pulitzer for sale this season. So who won? Target did. Sold everything before 9AM. Who lost anyone looking for merchandise this PM. Who won’t be fooled again? Me. Next time they offer designer fashion I will sleep in because I will not fall the the Target okie doke again.

What candidates connect to everyday Americans?

Who is the everyday American? Do you think you are? We all might think we fall under this wide umbrella, but if that is true how does a candidate connect with all of us? We all have our own set of problems and issues. So how do we determine who is the best candidate to address the myriad issues facing this nation. We are 80 weeks out from Election Day and so far we have heard a lot of Hillary bashing. There are 19 declared and undeclared GOP candidates and they agree on one thing, Hillary Clinton is the enemy, but will that take them to the White House? On the Democratic side we see Hillary Clinton is riding around in her Scoobie mobile eating at Chilpote in an effort to connect to the illusive everyday American. It is sad that every four years candidates on each side decide it is time to talk to the regular folks. Newsflash if the kept the conversation going they would not have such a difficult time connecting.


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