Kim Burrell is now a household name and she probably hates it

Kim Burrell is a big name in gospel music and she has recently started to make inroads on the secular side of the music industry. That came to an abrupt halt when a videotape surface of her preaching to her congregation last week. She called homosexuals and lesbians perverts. The response from the gay community was swift. She was scheduled to appear on the Ellen show. That performance was cancelled. Some are saying she is being persecuted for expressing her right to free speech? In this country she is has the right to express her opinion but so do others, and if you are going to appear on the Number One Lesbian in the country television show you can’t call her a pervert. She had a radio show which has been cancelled. So is Burrell getting what she deserves? Share your thoughts.

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  • elvagreen123  On January 8, 2017 at 4:46 am

    What Kim Burrell said was: The perverted homosexual spirit. In the Bible the word used is unnatural which is a synonym. She is a pastor and obviously believes biblical teaching. I don’t think she said this out of hate, but concern because of her beliefs. It is her truth. Some people may see her statement as a personal assault, but judging by that above phrase I don’t think it was.

  • Jeffrey cochran  On January 9, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Persecuted for exercising her first amendment rights? The First Amendment states that the government shall pass no laws restricting your freedom of speech. It does NOT say that others cannot respond to your remarks, or that your employer cannot fire you for offensive remarks.

    Learn the law and quit hiding behind false claims of racism every time something doesn’t go your way

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