NBC …a gang of hypocrites?

Billy Bush will probably lose his job at NBC. He was the hype man for Donald Trump’s profane tirade. He laughed and told the actress to give “The Donald” a hug when they disembarked the bus. NBC has suspended Bush and the talk on the street is that he will be fired. Keep in mind NBC is the network that gave Trump free reign when he started his birther assault on the President. He was a frequent guest on the Today Show and they let him spew his birther talk on every visit. Now they are firing Bush. Keep in mind this is the same network that found a place for Brian Williams on their sister station MSNBC. So let’s get real if Bush is fired it won’t be for this it will simply be they wanted to get rid of him.

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  • elogam  On October 16, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    EM, you and I are in agreement here. About Bush. He’s gone as soon as they can arrange it. But Trump? He didn’t start the birther movement, he just used it to jumpstart his political hobby. Make no mistake, the birther theory was started by the Clinton campaign back in ’07. They were wise enough to abandon it before it stuck to them, but Republican rubes took the bait, embraced it, and ran with it. Shame on him for diving into this swamp head first, but let’s be honest about where the water came from in the first place.

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