Donald Trump finally insults the wrong people



Donald Trump insulted all of his GOP rivals and he was rewarded with the GOP nomination. He has insulted the disabled, the veterans, Gold Star families, pageant winners, immigrants and black people, but he has never apologized until now. He has finally insulted women–specifically white women, and he needs them if he ever expects to live in the White House. How can he survive this? How can they support him? He called it locker room banter, but most people would say it was just straight up nasty. Perhaps he has finally gone too far, but we have seen him rise from the ashes before and one has to wonder will he rise again.

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  • Bill  On October 8, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    You say that Donald Trump has specifically insulted white women; well that sure sounds racist. So are we to conclude that women of color would not be expected to be offended?

  • elogam  On October 11, 2016 at 2:16 am

    Yes, women were outraged. My neighbor was so upset, she knocked over her dog eared copy of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” getting over to her computer. She couldn’t log on right away, her husband spent about 5 minutes furiously shutting down his incognito browser pages. They were shocked-SHOCKED to find out that men sometimes speak less tban respectfully about women. They do it privately, discreetly, and they assume confidentiality from the other participants. ALL men have done this to some degree.

    Now, before someone poses the argument that “those people aren’t running for president!”, Let me remind you that this happened over a decade ago; he wasn’t running back then either. Only one person in this race has been running for president for over a decade, and it isn’t Trump. This really is a non issue unless it happened last week.

    Now let me be clear: while I don’t condone his comments, I believe in his first amendment right to say them. If Trump was a rapper, young white kids would be downloading his lyrics, and those same white women who are “shocked” and “offended” would be dancing to it at their local clubs.

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