What Do you Have to Lose and Vote for Hillary Clinton or you insult my legacy…which one of these is insulting?

A few weeks ago Donald Trump appealed to black voters by asking them “what the hell do you have to lose?”. Many in the community including me found his approach insulting. He was not presenting a positive message. It was a message seemingly tailored to one segment of the black community, but Saturday night President Obama seemingly took a strange turn. The first part of his speech worked but the “insult to my legacy” was downright myopic. So I should vote for Clinton to preserve his legacy? I get the underlying point a Trump presidency would undo gains made but voters vote for candidates that will work hard to make life better for others not to preserve a legacy. It is also interesting that throughout his presidency and his run for the office President Obama has tended to lecture the black community rather than appeal to our better angels. Please tell me who else he has used this approach on? Share your thoughts.

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  • Kurt  On September 19, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    I agree with what he meant, but he chose his words poorly. But, hey, nobody is perfect, let’s remember that!

  • Elogam  On September 19, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    I still do not see a problem with the very reasonable question Donald Trump asked. He posed the question that lots of conservatives have been asking for as long as I can recall. “Black America! Your inner cities, the ones with a 50% dropout rate, the ones where there are generations of people who have attended many funerals but no weddings, the ones where unemployment is in the double digit range, those cities have one thing in common be they Watts or Chicago or New Orleans or Flint, or even Washington DC: they’ve been run by the Democratic Party for the better part of a half century. You keep trying the same leadership but expecting different results; you’re like the Dallas Cowboys, only it’s worse, because at least the players on the Cowboys can say they make seven figures. Why not give the GOP a chance? They’ve laid out their views as far as school vouchers to get your kids into better schools. They’ve talked about privatizing Social Security so you can pass on your benefits to your family and build multi-generational wealth. They’ve talked about enterprise zones to bring in business, they’ve talked to you about securing the borders so illegals cannot undercut you and take jobs. None of this is a mystery to you, yet you insist that the GOP is “racist” because they don’t consider you an oppressed minority under siege from the police, and they think that people who don’t work shouldn’t be fed from money taken from those who do. Sit down, let’s have a talk. What have you got to lose by trying something different?”

    As far as Obama’s comments go, I’ve always respected that he insisted on being the first black PRESIDENT, not the first BLACK president. He’s kept the CBC pretty much at arm’s length, not letting their siren call of victimhood and “getting back at whitey” sully his presidency. He knows that times have never been better, that if you are willing to work hard, get the best education you can muster, stay out of the backseat of a police car and not have children you cannot afford to feed, clothe and educate, you end up just fine. He knows he doesn’t need to court them; they don’t have a choice BUT to back the first black PRESIDENT. Members have actually admitted that if black inner city unemployment was like it is under a white president, they would have been “marching in the streets”. so now he tells them his legacy is in their hands. They NEED to go out and support Hilliary, because if they don’t they’ll be letting him down. He knows they won’t let that happen, so he can go boldly to this group and insist they support him when he rarely did much to curry their favor. What does he have to lose?

  • Bill  On September 22, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Here is what Louis Farrakhan thinks about Obama’s legacy.

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