Donald Trump declines invitation to NAACP convention

John McCain did it. Mitt Romney did it too, but The Donald won’t be speaking at the NAACP convention. He won’t be bringing that tough talk to the convention. He’ll save his harsh words on race for the people who already cheer him. He is not trying to expand the base. He claims to be so tough but not tough enough to talk to African Americans who are not singing the praises of The Donald.

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  • Elogam  On July 15, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    First of all, I do not support Trump. But when it comes to passing on this invite, I don’t blame him. Going to talk to the NAA(L)CP Convention is a waste of time. He has zero change to sway them. Their minds are already closed; they think he’s a racist. (To the Left, anyone who doesn’t parrot what they want to hear, telling them that racism is running rampant and they are victims, is considered a “racist”. If Obama wasn’t black, they would have labeled HIM a racist for his comments to “lace up your marching boots”.) President George W. Bush didn’t go to the convention for many years, and I think he finally went his last year as president. Al Sharpton said he was “offended” that it took that long for Bush to address the group. I’m so sad that running the country is more of a priority than kissing the ring of a former civil rights group.

    You posted a story about Wendy Williams. She paid a price for not kissing that ring. That is dangerous in this nation. Trump has little to gain, and much to lose, by wasting his time attending this hatefest.

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