How did Black Lives Matters become the right’s latest boogie man?

Black Lives Matters has become the nation’s new pinup for all things racially divisive. They are achieving the status of the Black Panthers of the 1960’s. You would think from listening to Fox News that they actually promote racism. This morning Sarah Palin, failed VP candidate, failed governor of Alaska and one of Donald Trump’s new best buddies shared this on her Facebook page:
Black Lives Matters is a Farce and Hyphenating America Destroys Us Our prayers are with the fallen on that Thin Blue Line in Dallas. America lost heroes last night as men in uniform did their unfathomably courageous job running into danger to protect others from it. Honorable first responders deserve our utmost respect and support. Shame on our culture’s influencers who would stir contention and division that could lead to evil such as that in Dallas. Shame on politicians and pundits giving credence to thugs rioting against police officers and the rule of law in the name of “peaceful protests.” It is a farce. #BlackLivesMatter is a farce. I use her quote because it reflects a lot of the dialogue being articulated on the right. Racism has existed since black people were brought over here in chains. A fact that many on the right dismiss as irrelevant to this conversation but it is still relevant. Many of our ancestors had no choice about being 3/5 citizens. So it is under this cloud that we have famished or in some case flourished. Many of us are blessed and have achieved the dream but achieving the dream does not insulate you from racism. I have a great son. people describe him as a nice polite young man. He is affable and a recent college graduate but how is he perceived by a police officer. Do they approach his car and see a young man who happens to be black or do they simply view him as a potential predator. This is what we black moms worry about on the daily. So this notion of a group standing up and protesting for the rights afforded to all citizens to be cast as the new national boogie man is patently unfair.

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  • Elogam  On July 15, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Where do I begin? EM, I have been vocal in saying that Black Lives Matter starts off on the wrong foot with their name. It drips of exclusion, of provocation, of victimization. All they had to do is append the word “too” to the end of this PR failure and they’d have been better off. But that would have meant re-ordering business cards for the executives, and they couldn’t spare the extra $30. If they really felt that “Black lives Matter”, they would also be addressing the issues of black on black crime, of pre-teen births, of the 50% drop out rate in many schools, but that means taking a hard look in the cultural mirror and addressing some failures.

    Racism existed long before our ancestors were brought here in chains. You may recall that Andrew Young got into trouble for saying that the English INVENTED racism. To some extent he is right, but it’s significant that England outlawed slavery in England long before the US did. How we got here is indeed irrelevant. We are here. What we do now is up to us. Studies have shown that blacks who come here from other parts of the world tend to do far better than blacks who are native to the US. Are they any less black? Or do they decide to avail themselves of the opportunities this nation offers and not worry about who might not like them because of the color of their skin? Too often we spend too much time focusing on where our people have been, and let that stop us from getting where we need to go.

    How many times will I need to educate people on the 3/5 rule? Southern states wanted slaves to count as far as apportionment for representation in Congress. (They wouldn’t get the vote, but they wanted them counted for representation.) Northern states didn’t want slaves to count AT ALL. As a result of a compromise, slaves were allowed to count 3/5 for apportionment. Imagine what would have happened if non-voting slaves had been counted 100% for apportionment. The south would have had considerably MORE influence in Congress. Yet time after time I hear people complaining about the 3/5 rule as being a defeat for blacks, not a victory for the states that wanted to end the disgusting institution of slavery.

    Any time only one person survives a traffic stop it’s a tragedy. Regardless of race, that means something went wrong. If black people are concerned about surviving a traffic stop, simply using your best manners and not copping an attitude will go a long way towards successfully making it home. Keep in mind that last year 2/3 of the people killed by the police were WHITE, not BLACK. I’ve been pulled over many times, some of those stops have been in the Deep South. I didn’t get shot. My attitude had a lot to do with me getting home. My sons have been taught how to deal with the police. I fully expect they will survive an encounter with all but the most determined racist. They willll not need the intervention of BLM blocking a freeway on their behalf.

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