Jesse Williams BET Award Speech Was the Moment of the Night

I watched the BET Awards last night to see the Prince tributes. Don’t know the new groups and can’t understand the lyrics or the raps they shared, but the moment of the night belonged to Jesse Williams. He received the Humanitarian Award and his speech was brutally and beautifully honest. It left you uncomfortable and inspired. Watch the speech and share yoxur thoughts.

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  • atlmom5  On June 27, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    The speech was beautiful. I really loved when he spoke about branding. Our community really needed those words. Sometimes when the average Joe or Jane is talking about something so powerful as freedom, people don’t hang onto their words as much as, say a celebrity or a community activist. So, I say…Bravo Jesse and I know his parents are so very proud of this young man.;refferedby=45389

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