Newsflash Republicans: You Don’t Get Points for Acknowledging Racism

George Wallace was a racist. He stood in front of the University of Alabama in the face of integration he utter the infamous words” Segregation today, segregation tomorrow segregation forever. He said he meant it and the federal government used him as the welcome mat as black students started attending the school. There used to be consequences for his actions, but in 2016 consequences are non-existent. Donald Trump has said numerous racist things regarding the judge presiding over his fraud case. What have the Republicans done about it? They have acknowledged it but most of them still support him. There are no points for acknowledging. A racist should be vilified not celebrated, and he certainly should not be the GOP nominee,

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  • Bill  On June 10, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I thought that I had been following the issues regarding the lawsuit against Trump University closely but I have apparently missed a key element. You assert that Trump has said numerous racist things against the judge presiding over the case but you fail to provide even one example. I know that Trump charges that the judge is biased toward him because he is Mexican. That is an erroneous charge because the judge is an American of Mexican decent. So that charge is false but not racist. Please, give us just one example of the racist things you claim that he has said.

  • elogam  On June 16, 2016 at 5:43 am

    I can’t recall a single “racist” thing that Trump has said. He has said many DUMB things, and he has said many INSENSITIVE things, but he hasn’t said anything racist to my knowledge. And as far as him being the presumptive nominee, I do wish we had someone with more-poise, someone more-presidential, but the alternative, a Hilliary Clinton administration, is so distasteful to conceive that I’m willing to settle for Trump. Or Johnson. I could totally support Johnson if he had a chance to win.

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