Muhammad Ali was a celebrity that loved people

Muhammad Ali died but today we celebrate how he lived. In 1972 we were kids at the airport waiting for my grandmother’s flight. We were shocked and surprised when we saw Muhammad Ali striding through Midway Airport. We followed him to the pay phones and he made a call. We asked him if we could take his picture and he said yes. We weren’t savvy enough to get on the phone next to him we were simply starstruck but he was gracious to us and I will always remember that moment. Celebrities now simply tolerate their fans. They see fans as a means to a paycheck but Ali liked people and that made his special to the people. He was a man of principles even when those principles cost him dearly. He exuded confidence that gave him the ability to light up an arena. In his prime his words were lyrical and his boxing prowess was magical. He said it “he was the greatest”, and today we confirm his self assessment.

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