Outrage grows after gorilla is shot to rescue toddler

What has happened to society? The headline above is an actual headline i saw today. People are mad because the zoo officials chose human life over ape life. The big question is what could they have done to save the ape’s life? There has been less coverage about the mauled child than the dead ape. When did we start elevating animal life over human life? Share your thoughts.

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  • Bill  On May 31, 2016 at 12:23 am

    There is a very simple answer to your question. It stems from a phenomenon that has been occurring for more than forty years. It has been the total debasement of the sanctity of human life through abortion on demand and the reduction of the human fetus to a blob of tissue. It was at that point that we began to elevate the lives of animals over humans. They rarely become an inconvenience to us as do unplanned pregnancies. So are you surprised? Did you think this would occur without consequence?

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