In Our Society Anything Goes Except Christianity

We live in a society that pretty much accepts anything. We are willing to fight for the rights of all people, but is that really the truth? Why is it when someone expresses an opinion based on biblical principles that person is ostracized. Case in point Kirk Cameron. Cameron said that a man should be the leader of the family and that wives should be submissive and let him lead. This is an opinion that many people do not agree with and they have the right to that opinion, but why do they feel the need to vilify his? If you are not a Christian than his way is not your way but there are people who share his opinion and they deserve the respect and protection that we freely give to others who do not share conventional beliefs.

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  • Spanish Inquisitor  On May 2, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Why is this a religious thing? Kirk Cameron is an idiot, but he’s entitled to live HIS life any way he wants, as long as it does not impact others. He may couch his statement about the role of women in religious terms, but this is not religious. This is institutionalized misogyny resisting gender equality. He’s a member of a dying breed, and what you are hearing are the death rattle of his archaic notions of women’s roles.

    If Cameron’s wife agrees to play the submissive role in her family, who cares? Just keep it in your own home, Cam….

    Again, don’t foist your beliefs on me. Go to church, live your life, and we’ll all get along. Try to ram those beliefs down my throat, and we have a problem.

    Christians are the predominant religion in America by a large majority, and the most self-persecuted too. They are not happy unless they are playing the role of Daniel in the Lion’s den. Oh, boo-hoo. Someone calls them on their 2000 year old belief system and they are being disrespected. Just cry me a river.

    They should be disrespected. Their beliefs are cockamamie, and are destined to the dustbins of history. And good riddance.

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