If Hillary Clinton is playing the woman card than what card is The Donald playing?

Tuesday Night Donald Trump won 5 primaries, but he decided to take some shots at Hillary Clinton. They will be facing each other in the general election. Its politics so shots will be taken but to reduce Clinton’s record to the “woman’s card” is ridiculous even coming from Trump. She is a lawyer, she had been a US senator and the Secretary of State. It is dismissive and sexist to discount her achievements. Yes he has a right to critique her performance, but to reduce them to nothing and to say if he were a man she would only have 5% of the vote is pure Trump nonsense. One is left to wonder what card is Trump playing? The I’m rich and I am used to getting what I want card, the my daddy gave me a million dollars to start my company card, the I don’t mind race baiting card or the I love to insult women and minority cards. He has so many cards in his deck we are in for a brutal election season as he deals from the bottom of his deck.

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  • constructivefeedbak  On April 29, 2016 at 8:43 am

    You said: It is dismissive and sexist to discount her achievements.

    I ASK: Why do YOU want to talk about Hillary Clinton’s ACHIEVEMENTS yet I see no “American Black Politicos” talking about the US Government’s attacks on African nations in the conduct of “The War On Terrorism” and then cross reference this American government’s lack of respect of the sovereignty of PEOPLE OF COLOR to the debate that Black Lives Matter wants to have about the Government Police, limited to the INSIDE OF AMERICA.

    If I told you that “Hillary Clinton Was A War Hawk”, pushing for the NATO/US Coup In Libya which plunged the nation into chaos and lead to the deaths of thousands of Africans…………..would you agree that talking about Hillary Clinton’s or President Obama’s ‘ACCOMPLISHMENTS’ while failing to bring up other issues that (I USED TO THINK WERE…..) are important to Black Americans but which the US GOVERNMENT CONTINUED TO VIOLATE while Black American’s focus was distracted by Obama in power…………….would this require you to reassess what is actually more important than “The Woman Card”?

  • Bill  On April 30, 2016 at 1:24 am

    If I needed a very serious and delicate surgical operation and my surgeon told me that he or she has experience performing this procedure hundreds of times I would probably feel somewhat reassured. However, if I were told after inquiring about his success rate that all of the patients died, I would interpret the relevance of that experience differently. Often we interpret the experiences that individuals have had without examining the success rate.

    It is relatively easy to enumerate the positions that Hillary Clinton has held during her career, but detailing concomitant successes while holding those positions is not quite as simple. I’ve often seen her supporters queried to provide examples of her success while holding any of those positions and they only provide examples of her many activities. Even you tell us that she is a lawyer, has served as a senator and Secretary of State but can you provide a single example of an accomplishment in any of those roles? Activity and accomplishment are two totally different outcomes. So what other card does she have to play other than the “woman card”?

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