Ray Lewis, slavery was never about togetherness

A few days ago I  posted Ray Lewis’ passionate rant. He addressed black on black crime and the role of Black Lives Matter. Last night I listened to Rev. Jamal Bryant’s response to him which prompted me to take another listen to it. I was struck by Lewis’ reference to how together we were when we were slaves and I must say I was taken aback. Slavery was not about togetherness or unity. We as a people were not. My pastor often uses this analogy, “you can tie two cats tails together and they will be unified, but they are not in unity”. Yes we were often chained together as slaves, but make no mistake we were not in unity. We were in bondage. Two very different concepts. Slavery was about business and we were chattel (property). We had no rights and the master did all he could to make sure we had no opinions and they tried their best to keep us from forming any unifying bonds. So let’s stop looking back through a whimsical lens. Slavery was brutal, but is was legal. We were not together we were just a collection of human beings owned by another human being  and there is nothing in that that is worthy of celebration.

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  • Bill  On April 10, 2016 at 1:54 am

    Black on black crime is an invisible notion? I suspect there is nothing invisible about it to the victims of it. What a buffoon. All of us black folks can just relax and take solace in Rev. Bryant’s data now knowing that in spite of the suffering from violence in the black community, at least it isn’t as egregious as it is in many other minority communities. A great auto genocide promotion.

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