Hillary Clinton needs to take off the “lace gloves”, and start fighting Bernie Sanders like a Boss

Yesterday Hillary Clinton was asked if she thought Bernie Sanders was qualified to be president. She danced around the question and said she would let the voters decide. Bernie Sanders had no problem calling her unqualified last night. As a matter of fact he called her that several times. Sanders is trying to get the nomination and he will say whatever is necessary to make it happen. Clinton needs to take a page from his playbook and do the same. Sanders wants to break up the banks, but when asked how he did not have the answers. He proposes free college for everyone, but where is the money coming from? In 2012 he wanted to challenge President Obama now he wants the Obama backers to jump on his bandwagon. Sanders is no saint, but neither is Clinton. She needs to fight the fight Sanders is fighting. Call him what he is. He has no problem defining her, and she better start defining him. Clinton needs to ditch the gloves and start fighting like a BOSS.

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