Are young people anti-social or are they simply connected?

this morning I was with a group of women of a certain age. the conversation drifted to the use of cell phones and specifically to the misuse of them. Each woman had a story of young people sitting at the dinner table ignoring everyone as they gazed longingly at their electronic devise. Others shared tales of their children sleeping with their phones or walking through the mall in a zombie like state as they tried to read the latest text message. They characterized the behavior as “anti-social”, but I challenged that description and said the young people just have a need to stay “connected.” they have no malice against their elders they simply want to stay in the loop. One woman recalled the golden age which some describe the pre-cell phone era, but the reality is those times weren’t golden. They were just our past and far too often the past gets romanticized. Sure we lived without them but it was not that we were so noble it was that they did not exist. Cell phones are now as normal as a loaf of bread and they give us the ability to see what is going on in all parts of the world. They are simply a tool, and if we want to stay connected to the 21, and under crowd we had better be connected too stop the rhetoric about the good ole days and get on board.

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