April 4, 1968-The day Martin Luther King was killed…48 years, what has changed?

Martin Luther King’s birthday is a national holiday. It is worthy of celebration but, April 4, 1968 is also significant it is the day King was killed. King was in Memphis working with the garbage workers. The simple slogan on their picket signs said I AM A MAN. A simple theme that still resonates 48 years later. What makes a man? Is it the ability to take care of himself and his family? Or is it taking responsibility for the family you create? Is it having a full time job that covers your bills, and lets you save a little for the rainy day that is sure to come? This was the desire of the men picketing 48 years ago. King lost his life in the fight for justice, but sadly in 2016 too many black men are still posing the same questions over 4 decades later. it is unfair to say nothing has change in 48 years because that is simply not true, but for there are too many men in 2016 that could still wear the sign.Share your thoughts.

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