Were Wendy Bell’s comments racial or racist?

Today I have been reading stories about the dismissal of Wendy Bell from her anchor chair in Pittsburgh. She expressed her opinion on her Facebook page and some interpreted her comments as racist and others viewed them as racial. I read her comments and her comments were harsh but not racist. Is it possible to discuss racial issues without being accused of being a racist? Is it possible for a white person to make a racial observation without being branded a racist? Share your thoughts.


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  • elogam  On April 7, 2016 at 6:12 am

    I read her comments in the link. They are NOT in and of themselves racist, they are most likely truthful, and you cannot tell the truth if it means black people have to acknowledge what we all know: We have a problem here in this nation and we need to address it. It’s like not mentioning Drunk Uncle Leroy who shows up at every family gathering, and makes a fool of himself and poor Auntie Edna. “Leave him alone! He ain’t harming nobody! Why you got to always bring down the party? Ain’t NOTHING really wrong here, you just haughty ’cause you think you too good for the rest of us!” Never addressing the problem will always ensure it never gets fixed.

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