Donald Trump’s Defense of Employee goes way too far

Too often employees lament that their employers are no longer loyal to them. You can be let go for the most minor infraction, but Donald Trump can not be accused of that. He is not only standing by Corey Lewandowski but he is bashing his accuser. Trump has taken to the airwaves to bash Michelle Fields and that is disturbing. Fields has been characterized as delusional by Lewandowski and an opportunist by the candidate. This is not the first time Lewandowski has put his hands on someone at a campaign event. His thuggish behavior is not just tolerated in Trumpland it is celebrated. Trump appeared on the Today Show this morning via telephone and he continued his defense of his employee and his bashing of Fields. He characterizes his employee as a “decent man”, and that might be true but Fields is not indecent. She is a reporter who was attempting to get her story. She was doing her job and Trump’s right hand man had no right to put his hands on her. Share your thoughts.

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