Are we a nation of haters?

We watch Donald Trump say all manner of things. He insults POWs, women, handicapped people, minority groups, the media, you name it, but is he anything different from other Americans? Go on Twitter and make a comment and you can receive responses that go from mildly insulting to depraved. People are seemingly emboldened by the anonymity and free to go to the lowest levels. Watch the news shows and see the guest speak over each other and call each other names. Watch the so-called unbiased news people communicate their views via an eye roll or the look of the incredulous. There is a Bible story where God is looking for just one good man and as we watch this season we yearn for that one good man or woman and we are seemingly crying in the wilderness. We are left to ask are we getting what we deserve. Is this the result of living in a society that sanctions anything and admonishes nothing? Is Donald Trump an oddity or is he an every man with a microphone? If we vilify him are we forced to also look at our own interactions? I am not fan of The Donald and I would never cast a vote for him but would he thrive if we refused to tolerate him, and did we laugh at his antics initially? Trump is an issue, but I challenge everyone to look at the comments you make online or the way you interact with the people in your circle and just see what you are saying.

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