George Wallace was a racist, but Donald Trump is an opportunist

George Wallace* was a true believer. He was a true segregationist who had the nerve to defy the Federal government. He once said “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. He was a son of the South and he was born and bred on segregation. Donald Trump was born in the East with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was until 2011 a businessman turned entertainer. He was the star of NBC Apprentice. I used to watch his show and marvel at his no nonsense style. I watched it until he took up the birther cause and started questioning the legitimacy of President Obama. He received a lot of press for his efforts and evidently that was his entrance into politics. many of his rivals have kissed his ring as they secured funds for their campaigns. He was an equal opportunity giver, but as Dr. Ben Carson said on Friday there are two Donald Trumps and I agree but not how the good doctor defined it. Trump can be rational and thoughtful, but his ruthlessness is ever present. He wants to win and he will use whatever is in his tool box to make it happen. So if he has to make it an us against them campaign so be it. I don’t think Trump is a racist but I believe it does not mind talking like one if it gets him a vote. Wallace was a true believer in the inferiority of the black race, but Trump is only a true believer in winning, and if racist language wins then that is Trump talk.

*Prior to his death George Wallace denounced segregation and racism.

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