Donald Trump is a Movement that can’t be stopped by facts

It is interesting to watch the Donald Trump movement.  Trump has moved beyond the earthly status of candidate. He has transcended and no one can stop him. Facts won’t stop this movement. This latest Klan hiccup is a distraction for the Trumpster. His people are loyal, angry and nothing can make them turn on him. This movement is petty and profane and his people love it. They might have been able to stop him in June when he first threw out the idea of building a wall that Mexico would pay for, or when he insulted war hero John McClain or when he mocked a disabled reporter. No the party believed this too would pass. We can even go back to 2011 when he pushed his birther theories and NBC provided him with a daily stage. No he was not stopped and now he can’t be. His followers are unmoved and they are standing with their man. They will follow him anywhere. They admire their leader and support his rhetoric. So Rubio, Cruz and the other two can keep spewing those troublesome facts if they want to but don’t expect his followers to listen.

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  • elogam  On March 1, 2016 at 5:57 am

    If this Klan incident doesn’t at least put a hitch in his giddyup, I fear for this nation. Michael Medved drew comparisons between Trump and Mussolini. It was eerie and made me fear that we are not learning the lessons of history. This man has NEVER been a quality candidate. We don’t need this clown with his finger on the button. If he is nominated, we will most likely have a choice between a carnival hawker and a criminal indictee. We really deserve better.

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