Is Donald Trump actually saying what you think?

Donald Trump will probably be the GOP nominee for president. The thought of it makes me wince, but for others it is a delight. Trump will say anything. It is often mean-spirited and cruel. He uses Twitter like a sword. Tweeting tirades against his opponents and anyone else that deigns to challenge him. He retweets things from white supremacy groups and when challenged he responds I did not say it I just retweeted. While this is disturbing what is more disturbing is so many people say he is saying what they are thinking. My question is do you believe he actually saying what the majority of Republicans are thinking?

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  • Ginni Treadwell  On February 25, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    An excellent piece on Trump’s run & his Trum-pets can be read here: How the US went Fascist: Mass media Makes excuses for Trump Voters

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