ABC Blackish tackled police brutality without demonizing the police

Last night Blackish took on police brutality. The episode featured a multi-generational conversation between the family members. Each group looking at the violence through their own lens. At times the conversation was brutal, poignant and even funny. If you have not seen the episode it is worth viewing. One of the incidents they discussed was President Obama’s first inauguration. During the parade he and the First Lady got out of the car and walked part of the way. They said they remembered fearing for his life as he boldly walked the route, and I remember having that same discussion with my husband that day. This shared sense of fear might not have been shared by everyone but it was shared by many. During the evening on Twitter I saw #blackishracist and that was so off base. Discussing racism is not racist, but ignoring it can be. It was a tough episode to watch but so worth it.

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