Are people actually setting up GoFundMe pages for Beyonce tickets?

The answer is yes. When GoFundMe pages made their debut people were asking for money to buy real necessities. They needed funds for surgery, food and shelter, but now we are seeing people ask for luxury items. Do you really need to see the Beyonce concert? Is this a life and death issue? No, it is not. When did it become normal to feel entitled to something you can’t afford. One GoFundMe user wants a ticket for $217 and she has reached her goal, but another one wants to sit on the first row and those tickets are $5000. They are not robbing anyone, but it just seems wrong. Share your thoughts.

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  • elvagreen123  On February 15, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    My 26 year old grandson worked the Rose Bowl for the Beyoncé concert so he got in free. He was not impressed. Speakers sucked, show was short, folks were unruly, but in this world there are some people who will use other people to get what they want, period. Maybe these people need to see Beyoncé as much as they need to eat. If I had an extra $5000 dollars, uh, no, I wouldn’t give it to someone to sit on the front row of the Sydney Opera House!

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