How to get the black vote? Go to the barber shop, the beauty shop and the church…is it that easy?

President Obama had support from the black community after he won the Iowa caucus. It was then that black people started believing that this man with the funny name might have a chance. So now as we come to the end of his second term we are asked to choose a candidate. On the Republican side we hear candidates spew profanity, demonize immigrants and peddle messages of gloom and doom. So let’s look at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton thinks she’s got us and Sanders wants us. The Congressional Black Caucus gave their support to Clinton this morning. They say she has always fought for the rights of minorities, but what is her plan for the future? Harry Belefante gave his support to Bernie Sanders, but who under the age of 60 is taking his advice when deciding who to vote for in November. I keep hearing people say the candidates will be visiting beauty shops, barber shops and churches in pursuit of the black vote. Is it that simple? Candidates are crisscrossing the state speaking at all types of venues. Speaking to voters about their issues. They are not simply going to the church leaders when they go in the majority communities. Their strategy is multi-pronged not simplistic. When President Obama secured the gay vote he made them promises. In his first campaign he believed marriage was between a man and a woman by his second term gay marriage was the law of the land. He owed them and he paid, but Clinton and Sanders want to stop by the barber shop, beauty shop and church and get us to give them our support. No we need to get some questions answered and see just what is the difference between the two of them and what is their plan for us.

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