Will the Clintons ever learn you can’t bully people into voting for you?

In the 2008 campaign Bill Clinton insulted black people when he said in South Carolina that the Barack Obama campaign was a fairy tale. He was angry because black people were jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Fast forward to 2016 and this year Hillary Clinton is running as a woman candidate. See in 2008 she was all about the experience, but this time she is all about the females and she wants all the women to jump on her bandwagon and the young women are simply not doing it. Getting your surrogates to tell women there is a “special place in hell” for women who do not support other women or saying they are following the boys because the boys are supporting Bernie is not the road to victory. The Clintons have been in politics for years and they should have learned a long time ago that insulting voters is not endearing. Bernie Sanders is not the real problem. The fact is he should not be true competition but he is and it is up to the Clintons to figure out a pathway to victory and insults is not the way.

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  • atlmom5  On February 8, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    No, because they are out of touch with working and middle class voters, and they both think the voters aren’t “getting it”, but the problem is with them.

  • Bill  On February 8, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    Democrat candidates invariably appeal to their base on emotional levels. Be it the threat of black voters being recaptured into slavery, or their food stamps, welfare benefits or any other subsidy program being cut, fear is their motivator.

    Women must elect Democrats if they have any hope of equal pay although Hillary Clinton has always had gender pay disparity among her staff. And of course members of their base do not possess the mental acuity to assess the candidates qualifications on any basis other than race or gender. How long will it take members of their base to wake up and be offended?

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