Detroit Kids Forced to wear coats in classrooms, and why this should matter to us

Last night I watched the CBS Evening News and saw a story on Detroit Public Schools. The school was so cold that the children had to wear coats. The school had a whole in the roof and water had damaged the gym so the children had to exercise in the corridors of the school. Detroit schools are controlled by the state so the city’s hands are tied. They interviewed a state employee assigned to oversee the debacle and he appeared dressed to the nines and sitting in a office that I’m sure was heated. He said they were aware of the situation, but awareness does not mean the situation will be immediately addressed. So what is going to be done and when? Will the kids be in their coats until spring? Will they ever be able to play in the gym again? We have 3rd world countries with better schools than this. Read the linked article and share your thoughts. How can we help Detroit schools?

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