Is Bill Cosby innocent until proven guilty?

Watching Bill Cosby’s perp walk was truly a sad sight. This is a man who has had a complicated relationship with the black community. On the one hand he gave generously to the education of millions of black students, but he was often critical of the lifestyle of urban America. He was simultaneously loved and reviled by the community, but now we are dealing with disquieting aspects of his life and that has led to taking sides. Over 50 women have said that he assaulted them. These claims go over a 40 year period. In America people are innocent until proven guilty except Cosby? Over the past few days his attorney Monique Pressley has been doing interviews in defense of her client and people are trashing her. Isn’t he entitled to a defense or should he just be sent to jail for the rest of his life? These allegations are ugly and if found guilty Cosby will be punished, but he is an American and he deserves an advocate who is there to defend him.

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