We should not be afraid of Donald Trump, We should be Afraid of His Supporters

It is unlikely that you will ever meet Donald Trump, but one of his supporters might be sharing a cubicle with you. Trump has shown us that he is willing to say anything. If it keeps him in the news he will say it. So the outrageous has become commonplace, but when I see people aligning with him and saying that he is saying what they are thinking. That is more scary than he could ever be.

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  • willholahan  On December 13, 2015 at 1:11 am

    No. I think we should not fear Trump or his supporters. That would be cowardly and defeatist. Instead we must know that we are better than they, and we must mobilise in grand rallies from now until election day.

  • Ginni Treadwell  On December 13, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Our gramma group watched the Republican focus group on Face the Nation this morning and our fears increased 10 fold! But FEAR is good when it prods us to ACTION. Much fear was expressed this morn by that group. Fear often causes folks to sink to their lowest selves. Ignorance, & racism oozed out from many of them. Can corrupted minds be repaired? Well – one take-away is we must work to build a larger coalition with a vision of the BEST we want our country to be. Yes, we also must speak…at every possible chance against Turmp tactics for what they are – ego strokes and bigger profits for HIS bottom line while he carelessly ENDANGERS our entire nation. Yes… endangers…do you have a soldier in your family or neighborhood? Soldiers risk their lives daily to help us live FREE …to build a global coalition against terror… working with American muslims as well as international muslims who are translators, policy makers, etc.. We OWE our soldiers a country to be proud of…a country to work for… and… a country to come home to – gladly 🙂 We gotta get busy…
    Granni Gin, spokesperson for the Grandmothers Coalition for All America

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