University of Missouri President resigns, but says this is not how change should happen

The University Of Missouri football team refused to take the field this weekend. That act cast the school 1 million dollars, and today after weeks of protest the president stepped down. In his resignation speech he said this is not how change should happen, but radical acts help facilitate change and when a university starts losing money that too can be a catalyst for change. Share your thoughts.

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  • Elogam  On November 10, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    I heard excerpts of the list of “demands” from the students. Some were made simply to demean the president. For example, they wanted the president to make a “hand written apology, that MUST confess his ‘white privilege’ and apologize for his insensitivity to women and minorities at the university”. Further, these students demanded a meeting with the governing board and the governor of the state, and that a cultural sensitivity program be rolled out and administered by a committee of students and faculty OF COLOR (no sympathetic white folks allowed, sorry.) I’d resign too. Nobody needs that mess. I’ve worked too long and too hard to get where I am today, and I’m nowhere NEAR as sympathetic to this group of students as this man must be. You cannot survive in the world of academia today if you aren’t pretty far Left. These students are eating their own.

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