Why is the black church the butt of sitcom jokes?

I just finished watching Blackish and it becomes just another sitcom to take a shot at the “black church”. The black church is always depicted with a choir that sings a little too long, a pastor that preached more from the book of cliches than the Bible, and the ushers who are more secret police than greeters. Speaking in tongues is often mocked. It’s viewed as the home of the judgmental adorned in big hats for the women and loud vivid colored suits for the men. It is not seen as redemptive it is seen as comedic, but one wonders when was the last time one of the writers actually set foot in a black church? Is the depiction based on hearsay or have they actually had their own black church experience? Share your thoughts.

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  • Raven Barnes  On October 22, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    The black church is in reality turning people from religion.
    Most of the pastors are all about the Benjamins, and many are also womenizers (and men).
    If we want the image to change, then we have to change the image.

  • elvagreen123  On October 23, 2015 at 12:47 am

    No one will tune in to a comedy unless it is laugh worthy. Writers need to take situations “out of proportion” in order to pull laughs out of people. Who wants to watch a comedy of just a regular church service. The more ridiculous, the funnier it seems. It’s’ all about getting a laugh.

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