Katina Powell writes tell all about Louisville Cardinals, but the big shock…she admits pimping out her duaghters

I just watched Katina Powell on Inside Edition. She was talking about how she organized parties for the Louisville Cardinals. She said they were in fact sex parties, but she also admitted that her daughters participated. What? A mother admitting she pimped out her daughter. She said it proudly devoid of shame. When did shame die? Share your thoughts.


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  • gmail to check your gmail  On October 21, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    It kills me how these reporters and networks act so amazed and make a huge deal of these stories like they dont know it happens at every single University in America. It further disgusts me how these ex-athletes always have something to say as well like they were not at these parties and involved in such acts when they were recruited and were student athletes. More and more we are turning into a society of pointing fingers without remembering what we used to do as college students. This is a non story, we all know it happens, EVERYWHERE, hell it probably happens inside of ESPN as well.

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