Do you have Biden fatigue?

Is Joe Biden going to run for president? That is the question that hangs over the campaign season. Biden has been pondering this question for weeks, but who is really waiting with bated breath to hear the answer? The media has made this story a front and center story for weeks and they are the ones seeking resolution, but who else is waiting for the response? If you are tell me why.

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  • Ginni Treadwell  On October 20, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    I have Biden fatigue! Much of our society is addicted to drama and Joe’s current emotional health is feeding into it (perhaps without intention). And he’s been in the government way toooo long. Nice fellow, yes. Often forgiven for “boo-boos” we would NOT forgive in a president. Trump is the prime evidence of our refusal do do some research and really listen to those who want to lead this nation and choose a candidate who is wise, knowledgeable, diplomatic and able to listen, as well as able to communicate a vision that would include the best for ALL Americans – a candidate who could/would actually share how that vision will come about. The ideal will not be arrogant, perky, loud, combative or power hungry. They will not use the “I” word often, but will use the WE word daily. Let’s get looking and listening and elect a person the majority of us can be proud to call President. 🙂

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