Was Donald Trump the victim of a “gotcha” question?

Donald Trump loves to talk, but he wants to control the conversation. If a media person asks him a question he does not like or does not know the answer to they are in the wrong. First it was Fox News darling Megyn Kelly. She asked a hard question during the debates and he went on a Twitter/media attack on her. She was a terrible reporter not fit to question the Emperor. Now Hugh Hewitt is a 3rd class radio host. Not fit to shine or lick the Emperor’s boots. So now we know the Emperor will not answer difficult questions. He will attack because the Emperor is wearing no clothes, and soon all will have to acknowledge that fact.

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  • Bill  On September 4, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    There you go again. Trump did not refuse to answer Hewitt’s question, he could not answer it because he did not know the answer. So be objective and don’t mischaracterize his response. And yes, in typical Trump fashion he attacked the person who he perceived as his assailant.

    On the other hand we may never see if the empress has any clothes because she will do virtually anything to avoid being asked questions including corralling the press within a rope line to isolate them. Just to be clear, I’m talking about Hillary Clinton.

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