Joe Biden please don’t take the bait

If you are listening to the news lately you would believe that Joe Biden is what the world needs now. People are waiting with baited breath wondering will he or won’t he. he is smiling and speaking to adoring audiences. Is he the man the Democrats are looking for? is he the Hillary Clinton slayer? Is he waiting for the GOP and the media to finish plucking her to death so that he can walk over her dead carcass. So what will happen if Clinton’s fall from grace is permanent? Will Biden be the aanswer? No, the media and the GOP are sitting with their fingers on the button waiting to run the Biden Bloopers and he will never be an occupant of the White House. He is a diversion anointed by the media and if he steps off his perch the stoning will begin even if Elizabeth Warren is in the mix.

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  • Bill  On September 4, 2015 at 1:26 am

    For the Democratic party to have to stoop to importuning the “class clown” to run for president speaks to the paucity of their talent pool. But he is anything but a Hillary Clinton slayer. But that is totally unnecessary at this point, as her campaign is already moribund. But don’t place the blame for that on the GOP or the media because virtually all of her wounds have been self inflicted.

    As for the media being poised with their fingers on the Biden blooper button, it is highly unlikely that would be necessary. I suspect that Biden will dutifully provide enough new and fresh blooper material that a visit to the archives will be unnecessary.

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